‘Call of Duty Advanced Warfare’: The Top 5 Reviews You Need To Read

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare reviews

The Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare reviews are in, and it looks like it’s a winner!

It’s finally here!

Chances are your console’s friends list has one game listed at the moment — Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Every year, some diehard fans of the series look forward to another epic romp through the game’s explosive setpieces and online multiplayer skirmishes. This year, Activision and Slegehammer have released a new entry that delves into new territory — the 2050s.

So the major question that needs to be asked is this: does Advanced Warfare continue to uphold the untouchable legacy set by the C.O.D. games of the past? Or is this the the game that will begin to slow down the forward momentum of the series?

Check out our reviews roundup below.

IGN – 9.1/10


Simply throwing a robot suit onto Call of Duty could have been a lazy path to making Advanced Warfare seem different from what we’ve played before, but the way Sledgehammer has integrated its enhanced abilities and choices into every aspect of how we fight went above and beyond.

These characters, and the rest of the cast, are brought to life with some of the best character models and facial animations I’ve seen. Pores, hair, and creases in skin are all rendered in great detail, to the point where I knew, just by seeing how a character’s face displayed shock and horror, that bad news was coming.

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Game Informer- 9/10

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review

You fly, drive, head underwater, and participate in a string of missions in a variety of distinct and interesting levels – always welcome in the shooter space where things blur together as you take out hordes of identical enemies. The action stays constant, interspersed with horrifying (or wonderful) lessons regarding the tech you use to complete your tasks, and you rarely rely on the same powers or technology twice.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’s single-player campaign is a ridiculous summer movie romp with sobering visions of the future of weaponry. Bring popcorn, because the real fun begins with the multiplayer, where the wealth of customization options should have players coming back for game after game.


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Game Spot – 8/10

COD Advanced Warfare review

The last time Call of Duty had “Warfare” in its subtitle, it led to a well-received trilogy that deftly transitioned the series away from a well-trodden global conflict to modern-day combat. If the settings of today have run their course just as World War II did years ago, Advanced Warfare makes for a convincing foundation of futuristic yet relatable combat that is worth exploring and expanding further.

Aside from the positively imaginative two-chapter tutorial that kicks off the campaign, the one mission that leaves a lasting impression is a tense stealth op that prominently features a grappling hook. This tool is notably exclusive to the campaign, and when you discover its capabilities beyond traversing man-made structures, you can see why it was omitted from the multiplayer.


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GameTrailers – 8.7/10

COD review

Lifelike facial performances serve as the graphical centerpiece, but at times they’re more eerie than exciting. When a character’s lips don’t match their speech it can be hard to stay attached, but there are also moments that are very impressive. Overall it’s a better looking game than Call of Duty: Ghosts, at least on the Xbox One.

Standard multiplayer is faster than ever. Like Titanfall and Destiny, enemies are frequently airborne, or zipping out of the way with one click of the left thumbstick. Our favorite new mode is Uplink, Arena Football meets American Gladiator. You have to get a “satellite” and toss it or carry it through your goal. You can’t fire when you’re holding it, but you can toss it at an attacking target and silence them. We can imagine pro teams getting good a passing, or making Hail Marys from specific points on the map. Advanced Warfare’s quicker pace benefits modes like Capture the Flag and Kill Confirmed the most.

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Joystiq – 4/5

Advanced Warfare review

Despite the familiarity, it’s been years since a Call of Duty campaign was as coherent and fast-paced as this one. Within the confines of its franchise, which has yet to make much room for a mature look at the subject matter, Advanced Warfare works with aplomb and, at the very least, plays its Big Dumb Movie card wisely. If you’re running out of bad guys, borrow some from Hollywood.

There’s a brilliant urban level later where these futuristic devices open the game up: You grapple between terraces and a central train track, yank enemies out of their power suits and launch yourself into massive, emplaced turrets to tear things up. It’s exciting, dynamic and as bombastic as any Call of Duty.

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