‘Clash of Clans’ Cheats: Top Tips for Walls

Clash of Clans Walls

Check out these essential methods and make sure you apply the best placement/usage of Clash of Clans’ Walls!

Walls (Defensive Building)

Clash of Clans Walls

• Walls become all-powerful at level 11. These walls are key towards protecting your village via fortification. Make sure you don’t have any gaps in your walls (ground units will just waltz on through those small spaces). Place your walls around your fort in doubles or triples, since it will make ground units struggle even more to push through them. You should make sure you have some Wall Breakers on hand when you’re ready to take these down. Note that air units can completely bypass walls. Utilize that Jump Spell for your other troop types and also Hog Riders to also clear those Walls without a second thought.

•You should make your Walls are surrounding the following buildings – your Town Hall, key defensive buildings and your Gold/Elixir Storage containers. A low-level Town Hall and a limited amount of resources means you’ll have to build up a good amount of Walls to guarantee their protection. If you’re into farming in Clash of Clans, then feel free to just leave your storage containers and defensive buildings within your Walls. Leave your Town Hall outside of your fort’s center.

• Here are the Town Hall levels and available number of Walls that come with each upgrade:

– Town Hall 1: 0
– Town Hall 2: 25
– Town Hall 3: 50
– Town Hall 4: 75
– Town Hall 5: 100
– Town Hall 6: 125
– Town Hall 7: 175
– Town Hall 8: 225
– Town Hall 9: 250
– Town Hall 10: 250

Check out the level-by-level statistics of Clash of Clans’ Walls on the next page! And hit up this LINK to read about the levels required for Wall Breakers to put down certain Walls!