Mass Effect Event Being Held Tomorrow

Mass Effect 4

BioWare will host a Mass Effect event live on their Twitch tomorrow.

BioWare has announced that they’ll be streaming a developer roundtable event tomorrow, November 7, at 10AM PST on their official Twitch as a part of their annual N7 Mass Effect Day event. The roundtable will allow fans to tune in and ask the developers about past and future games, but will also possibly serve as an announcement platform for a Mass Effect 4.

The last Mass Effect game to release, Mass Effect 3was met with a seemingly infinite amount of praise from game critics and fans alike, naturally leaving fans wanting more.

Hopefully, BioWare will announce that they are at least working on a Mass Effect 4, and if an ME4 isn’t in the cards, then at least talk about the future of the Mass Effect series. Otherwise, I say we revolt.

BioWare’s next release is Dragon Age: Inquisition, another highly anticipated franchise game, which will be released on November 18. For more upcoming releases, you can check out our full calendar of upcoming video game release dates.