‘Metal Skies’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Metal Skies iOS

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Metal Skies!

1. You’ll Dish Out More Damage by Shooting Down Down The Main Body of Your Enemies

Metal Skies Tips

Metal Skies is all about taking to the sky and shooting down rival airplanes in your way. You’ll have access to a set of machine guns and a missile launcher. It gets pretty tough to keep enemies in your crosshairs, but you should make it a habit to shoot into the main body (fuselage) of an airplane. This dishes out the most damage and it’s much more essential than shooting into other areas of enemy planes.

• Note that shooting into the wing only causes about 50-percent of damage. Shooting into the main body will cause 100-percent damage.

2. Shoot Your Machine Guns in Concentrated Spurts Instead of One Full Spray Session

Metal Skies iOS

• Your machine guns can be shot at a constant rate, but once they overheat you won’t be able to shoot them. You’ll know your guns have overheated once the machine guns’ aiming reticle turn red. You can always use the Coolant item to cool your machine guns down much faster, but waiting for your guns to get back into tip top shape is a waste of time.

• You should shoot your machine guns in quick, concentrated spurts instead of shooting them until they’re hot. That way, you can avoid dealing with them getting overheated throughout most of the stage battles you play.

3. Spend Money on Upgrading Your Plane’s Speed Rate

Metal Skies iOS

• When it comes to upgrading the stats of your plane, you should spend your coins on primarily upgrade your plane’s speed rate. That way, a faster plane will make it much harder for enemies to shoot you down thanks to your upgraded speed.

4. And You Should Also Spend Some In-Game Dough on Your Plane’s Health

• You should make sure you spend some coins on the 2nd most important statistic of your plane – its hit points. Upgraded health = a much stronger plane that’s able to take more hits and stay on the sky much longer.

5. Missiles Do a Different Amount of Damage Due to Its Charge States

Metal Skies iOS

• When you have an enemy in your targeting reticle and you’re ready to tear ’em down with a missile, you’ll be able to deal out different amounts of damage. Your missile’s damage output changes depending on the color notification of your current targeting sights.

• When your weapons sights are orange, your missile will dish out 150-percent damage. You’ll want to dish out the most damage when your targeting gauge is fully red since it deals out 200-percent damage.