‘Run Sackboy! Run!’: Top Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Run Sackboy Run

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Run Sackboy! Run!

1. Hold Onto Your Screen for Much Longer Jumps

Run Sackboy Run Tips

• Tapping and holding onto the screen for a few extra seconds will let Sackboy pull of much higher jumps. Later on in the game, some of the gaps you have to clear with jumps are a lot harder to get over. Just make sure you hold onto your screen a little more longer by swiping right after your quick tap.

2. So What Will Bubbles and Stickers Net You?

Run Sackboy Run

• Collecting bubbles goes toward the purchase of new costumes, lucky chests, mega lucky chests and upgrades for your power ups. Bubbles can also be used to cop some boosts right at the start of any stage.

3. And What Will Stickers Give You?

Run Sackboy Run

• As for the Stickers, picking up each of the allotted types in a specific theme will net you a specific price.

4. Jump to Higher Platforms for Much Better Rewards

Run Sackboy Run

• It’s pretty easy to note that the higher platforms on each stage will net you much better rewards, such as bubbles, stickers and other collectible goodies. Note that those higher sections of the stage features more enemies too, so keep that in mind as you run across those higher platforms. Get to the top of the stages (and leaderboards) as much as possible.

5. Equip the Auto Shield Start-Game Boost If You Can Afford It

Run Sackboy Run Tips

TouchTapPlay.com told players to purchase the Auto Shield booster at the beginning of a level run (if you can afford it, of course):

Every time you start a new run, you will get a new set of boosts you can purchase. From a 10x score multiplier to auto shield or head start, anything can be found there and some are better than others. I personally would recommend to get the auto shield when you already have some hearts left and some games under your belt, combine the shield with a restart and get a score as high as possible!

6. Take Advantage of the Jump Start Boost, Too

CheatersCircle.com also gave players on an essential boost item that’s also great for new stage runs – the Jump Start:

As you start a new run, you are entitled to get a new set of boost which you can purchase. There is an auto shield, 10x score multiplier, and head start that you can purchase to help you comply in your objectives in game. For instance, you wish to earn higher score, definitely the 10x score multiplier will help you. If you wish to boost your survival rate in game, you can go for auto shield and so on.


Run Sackboy Run Cheats

• Dashing in the game can be performed by swiping forward on the screen. This is one of the best actions in the game, since it allows you to get Sackboy across stages much faster and get you past obstacles much easier with a jump included. Dash as much as possible.

8. Upgrade the Magnet Power Up The Most

• There’s a lot of great power ups in the game, such as the Jet Pack, Shield and the Magnet. You should make it a priority to spend some upgrade points primarily on the Magnet power up. That way, you can focus on running a lot more and getting farther since your Magnet power up will nab any Bubbles that may be out of reach through normal means. You’ll have to buy the Glider and Jetpack power ups to unlock the Magnet first.

9. How Do I Save Myself After Getting Trapped in That Pink Goo

• During stage runs, you may find yourself getting stuck in some pink goo. This slimy stage obstacle can slow down Sackboy and end the stage run since a bunch of Negativitron gathers around him. Swipe to the right as quickly as possible to hop out of that goo, but you should also keep a close eye on those upcoming obstacles. Chances are some stage hazards are awaiting you as soon as you escape that pink goo. SO STEER CLEAR!

10. Purchase the Costumes to Permanently Increase Your Score Multiplier

Run Sackboy Run

• Each of the collectible costumes in the game aren’t just for show. Purchasing each one and equipping your fave outfit during a stage run can permanently increase you score multiplier and get you to the top of the leaderboard much faster. Unlocking the best costume means you’ll have to collect a whole lot of Aviator Costume Tokens though, so keep an eye out for them.