‘Sunset Overdrive’ Free for 24 Hours for Xbox Live Subscribers

Sunset Overdrive free

Sunset Overdrive will be free to play on Xbox One tomorrow.

Here’s just a little heads up from gamer-to-gamer: the Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive will be free to download and play for all Xbox Live Gold subscribers later today and tomorrow.

According to Microsoft’s own Major Nelson (we salute you, sir), Sunset Overdrive will be free beginning at 9:01pm PT tonight (12:01AM ET) tomorrow morning for a full 24 hours. At that time, gamers will be able to download the 23.17 GB file and play for free, in celebration of the Xbox One’s first birthday.

Players will be able to earn achievements as they play, and progress will be saved in case you want to pick up the full game. The 8-player Chaos Squad mode will also be included, if you can progress far enough in the campaign to unlock it.

So there you have it, and hopefully you didn’t make any plans for tomorrow. For more news and deals, stay tuned to Heavy’s Games section.


Buy Sunset Overdrive for Xbox One here (if you end up loving it).


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