‘Terra Battle’: Top 10 Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Terra Battle

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Terra Battle!

1. Move Freely & Work Together!

Terra Battle Tips

• Allies who are lined up horizontally or vertically with the primary attackers will join in the fray and cause extra damage! You can also charge up the “P” meter at the top to make a Power Point appear. If your primary attackers line up with that, you can dish our even more devastation!

2. Heal Up!

Terra Battle Cheats

• If a healer is included in an attack chain, they will heal everyone around them (as long as they aren’t blocked by an enemy). Higher level healers can heal even more effectively! On the offensive side of the coin, you should make it a priority to kill your opponent’s healer as quickly as possible!


Terra Battle

• The Metal Zones open and close throughout the day. Metal Zone 1 is perfect for getting characters from level 1-20 super quick! If you need to get even higher, you should play through the main story to unlock higher level Metal Zones. These zones unlock at various times, so make sure to check regularly!

4. Learn Some Tricks!

Terra Battle Tips

• Characters unlock skills at certain levels, use these to your advantage to help heal allies, damage opponents, or even disarm bombs! The first character skill slot will be available at level 1, the second skill slot opens when a character hits level 20 for their 1st job, the third slot opens at level 20 on their second job and finally the fourth skill slot opens when the character reaches level 20 on their third job.

5. Hunt for New Jobs!

Terra Battle Tips

• Gather rare materials from Hunting Zones. Each zone focuses on a different type of material. Check what your character needs and defeat the puddings, puppets, or tin warriors as needed!

• The Hunting Zones you’ll see on the appropriate days are as follows: Pudding Time on Tuesday, Tin Parade on Wednesday, Puppet Show on Thursday, all three monster types on Friday (they tend to get changed up after every hour) and Coin Creeps on Saturday and Sunday.