‘Clash of Clans’ Cheats: Top Tips for Lightning Spells


Check out these essential methods and make sure you apply the best placement/usage of Clash of Clans’ Lightning Spells!

Lightning Spell (Spells)

Clash of Clans Lightning Spells

• Once you get the chance to produce a Spell Factory, you’ll be given the ability to craft magic spells. One of the 1st spells that get added to your repertoire is the Lightning Spell. These spells and more lists on this list hit their maximum level at level 6. Like all spells in the game, the Lighting Spell increases in damage. When deployed, this powerful spell drops numerous lightning bolts on top of any nearby troops and buildings.

• Two Lightning Spells at once can do an incredible amount of damage to Defensive Buildings, plus they can be used to lift some Dark Elixir from a rival’s Dark Elixir Storage. Another crazy way to use Lighting Spells is fully upgrade them and use them to take down Level 4 Town Halls quite easily. You’ll need to hit this level Town Hall four or five times in a row to weaken it to the point of destruction.

Check out the level-by-level statistics of Clash of Clans’ Lightning Spells on the next page!

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