‘Dynasty of Dungeons’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Dynasty of Dungeons

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Dynasty of Dungeons!

1. Ensure Your Demons are Trained Well and According to Your Strategy

Dynasty of Dungeons Cheats

• If your strategy is to have your Overlord on the front lines, it is advisable to train your Overlord’s defense more than his/her offense, and vice versa. This goes for all your heroes depending on your strategies, as training costs gold, and gold is expensive, however some of the later points will give tips about how to collect more gold.

2. Use Your Fury Skills Wisely

Dynasty of Dungeons

• One of the keys to victory in Dynasty of Dungeons is proper timing of Fury Skills, and using the right fury skill. It is more advisable, for example, to use FireBee’s Fury Skill at either the start of a battle to take out a weaker opponent, or to take down the health of a stronger opponent towards the latter stages of a battle. It is a waste of fury points if the skill is used on a weak opponent with low health, in this scenario a team fury attack is more suitable.

3. Check Your Missions Often

Dynasty of Dungeons Tips

• Under the “Home” tab there is a button called “Missions” where players can complete small tasks daily to receive rewards. Most of these tasks are simple and completing all of them means big rewards quite easily. While these tasks become more difficult to accomplish as the game progresses, during the early stages of the game they can be crucial to beating a stronger opponent.

4. Spend Your Resources Wisely

• Resources are vital to staying ahead in Dynasty of Dungeons and spending resources wisely is vital to your strategy. One important example of this is the player’s use of mana in evolution. Players can choose which mana they wish from their victories in the black tower, and the mana they choose should be directly influenced by which demon they wish to evolve next.

5. Tap on Your Enemies to See Their Stats

Dynasty of Dungeons Tips

• When facing an opponent, players can tap on any of the opponent’s demons to see the demon’s stats. This can help the player decide where to place their demons and which demon to attack first.