Evolve’s Evacuation Mode Revealed by Turtle Rock, 2K

Evolve –– Evacuation Story TrailerTwelve elite hunters are sent to a distant colony planet to hunt a monstrous threat. Pre-order Evolve – the most award-winning game coming in 2015 – and receive over $15 in bonus content FREE with the Monster Expansion Pack, which includes the fourth playable monster character and the Savage Goliath Skin when they release: 2kgam.es/Preorder4v1…2014-12-03T13:00:17.000Z

It’s no secret that Turtle Rock and 2K Games’ Evolve is one of our most anticipated games of 2015. We’ve already gotten our hands on it for some preview time, and loved what we’ve played so far. Today, the developers have announced a new mode, Evacuation, for the upcoming game.

The Evacuation mode combines every map, mode, monster and hunter into one giant ball of awesomeness and creates a dynamic experience that’s different every time you pick up your controller. Basically, the planet Shear is overrun by monsters and hunters have to hunt them down and stop them from breeding all while protecting colonists for five days until they can be evacuated. The Evacuation plays out across five matches, which will place you in one of the three different Evolve mode each time.

The three modes are nest, rescue and defend. In nest, hunters will run around destroying monster eggs while the monster defends their eggs. In rescue, hunters will search for survivors and take them to an extraction point while avoiding the monster. And finally, defend will make hunters try to hold off a stage 3 monster and minions while an evacuation shuttle is fueling up.

The new mode will be playable exclusively in the Xbox One open beta in January. Evolve is set to release on February 10, 2015 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Preorder ‘Evolve’ here.


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