‘Kingdom Rush Origins’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Kingdom Rush Origins

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Kingdom Rush Origins!

1. Cut Down Enemy Packs Before They Get Out of Hand

Kingdom Rush Origins Tips

• You’ll notice that some enemy troops will enter the map in big packs. These enemy groups can become an issue, since they can give way to other enemies by providing them some room to progress. Do your best to take down these enemy troop packs early on before they get out of hand. Once you spot a big stream of enemies coming down your lanes, use special abilities and your reinforcement troop abilities to make quick work of them. Make sure you put them down before they reach the end point of your blockade.

• While you’re waiting for new enemy waves to appear, spawn more troops on the map early for an advantage.

2. Place More Archer Towers on Each Stage Than Barracks Towers During the Beginning Levels

Kingdom Rush Origins

• It’s a smart move to place an equal amount of barracks and archer towers within the 1st batch of stages. Place them within the same vicinity. But we think it’s a more viable action to place more archer towers around the map. Don’t get us wrong now – you should have a few barracks towers set up here and there. But you’ll have more success placing a healthy amount of archer towers all over the map. Make sure you do a good job of upgrading these towers more than the others, too.

• During the later parts of the game, you should make good use of more archer towers along with stone druid towers and mage towers. One or two barracks towers should suffice. Pack on the heat by producing a lot of the aforementioned three tower types, though.

3. Make Proper Use of Each Level’s Choke Point

Kingdom Rush Origins

Gamezebo.com noted that players should take advantage of using their skill points towards army reinforcements:

One of the key areas to deal the most damage to your enemies are choke points. These choke points are simply areas on the map where enemy troops are more prone to proceed through on the way towards you. Examine each level, locate that specific choke point or two and place two melee towers or archer towers in that area. It might be a more beneficial move to place one melee tower and archer tower together near a choke point.

4. Use Your Special Abilities on Larger Groups of Enemies

Kingdom Rush Origins

• You should only break out your special abilities when you start to get overwhelmed by large groups of enemies. This means you should make good use of your Thunderbolts and Arrow Storms in the most dire of situations only.

5. Place Your Strongest Towers and Main Hero Near the Ending Areas of the Map

Kingdom Rush Origins Tips

148Apps.com made sure to notify players of the best methods when it comes to placing your stronger towers and main hero on a level:

Place the highest upgraded towers at the end of the level. Enemies will be weaker by then and your strong towers should be able to finish them off easily. Another option is to use your hero near the end of each stage to take out what’s left, but you might find the hero standing around not doing much early on.