Top 5 Best PS4 FPS Games of 2014 List

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First-person shooters are an over-saturated market in the video game industry. It seems like every studio, developer and publisher wants to push the next big FPS on gamers everywhere — and we’re okay with that! First-person shooters may be overdone, but there’s a reason for that: We love them! Shooting terrorists, zombies, aliens or whatever else from a first-person perspective is exciting and exhilarating, and the genre is the main reason plenty of people around the world play games at all.

We’ve gathered the five best first-person shooters that launched for the PS4 this year. Read on to see which FPS games you’ve missed for the PlayStation 4.

1. Grand Theft Auto V

Due to the addition of first-person gameplay in the new-gen ports of their critically acclaimed game, Grand Theft Auto V technically counts as an FPS. Regardless, Rockstar Games knows how to make a living, breathing world. The Grand Theft Auto series is known for giving players absolute freedom in violent, crime-ridden cities parodying America’s most famous locales. In Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar Games allows for players to switch seamlessly between three protagonists: a rich family man struggling with maintaining relationships, a bonafide gangster and a psychotic hillbilly. Heists are a new addition that mimic the famous bank robbery mission everybody loves from Grand Theft Auto IV. All the other stuff people adore about GTA is there: guns, strip clubs, sweet rides and a solid story tying it all together. There’s a reason Grand Theft Auto V is sitting pretty at a 97 on Metacritic.

Price: $59.43 (1 percent off MSRP)

Buy Grand Theft Auto V here.


  • Breathing world
  • Three playable characters
  • Excellent voice acting and story
  • Trevor


  • Multiplayer doesn’t live up to the hype
  • Needs more heists
  • Online play is somewhat broken
  • Trevor

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2. Far Cry 4

Do you like first-person shooters set in a giant open world? How about ziplining, hang gliding, big game hunting and killing bad guys? If so, Far Cry 4 is up your alley. The newest addition to the series steps away from the lush environment of the tropics from Far Cry 3 and drops you in the middle of a civil war in the Himalayas. Besides moving your way through the story, there will be distractions to keep your entertained. The most attractive feature is a new one that allows players to invite friends who don’t even own the full game into their world to conquer cooperative missions together. If allowing your buddies to game with you free of charge to them isn’t a great idea, I don’t know what is.

Price: $55.48 (8 percent off MSRP)

Buy Far Cry 4 here.


  • New wildlife
  • Massive open world
  • Drop-in co-op
  • Free limited edition with pre-order


  • Unwarranted cover art controversy
  • No bonuses for killing war elephants
  • Not much has changed since Far Cry 3
  • Server issues at launch

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3. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Call of Duty is one series that has withstood the test of time, with releases spanning more than a decade and three console generations. The franchise has tackled everything from World War II-era battles to modern-day combat. The newest entry in the series, Advanced Warfare, takes place in the future, where jetpacks and hovering grenades are staples in military technology. Sure, it might look like Titanfall at a glance, but Advanced Warfare is a title all its own, and it’s bound to be a best seller just like its annually released brethren. I mean, even IGN gave it a 9.1.

Price: $55.78 (7 percent off MSRP)

Buy Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare here.


  • Futuristic weapons and gadgets
  • Best-in-class multiplayer
  • Zombie mode is back
  • Kevin Spacey


  • $50 season pass
  • Average campaign
  • Set pieces everywhere
  • Same ol’ Call of Duty formula

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4. Destiny

When Bungie, the creators of the original Halo trilogy, announced their new sci-fi shooter, the world couldn’t wait to explore a new universe full of aliens, robots and mysterious locations. While the final game disappointed some fans who expected something monumental, what Destiny does offer is best-in-class shooting and looting with only a subpar story and some lackluster missions holding it back. What’s unique about Destiny is its shared world experience where players interact with others during independent single-player and cooperate missions. With limitless multiplayer and a stream of content additions and updates heading its way, Destiny will only get more addicting as time goes on. Oh, and there’s also dancing.

Price: $44.95 (25 percent off MSRP)

Buy Destiny here.


  • Awesome combat
  • A shared world experience
  • Tons of loot
  • The best skies in any game


  • Weak story
  • Classes too similar
  • Small mission variety
  • Dinklebot

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5. Alien: Isolation

It’s kind of a stretch to call Alien: Isolation an FPS, but it definitely has first-person shooter elements. Not everyone loved the game, but one thing’s for sure: It’s terrifying. Based on the Alien movie franchise, Isolation is set 15 years after the first movie and 42 years prior to the sequel, Aliens. The protagonist, Amanda, is trying to find her mother only to learn an alien has killed the crew and staff of the space station she’s on. What follows is a terrible and harrowing journey full of scary encounters as Amanda tries to sneak her way to safety. Even if Isolation wasn’t a huge hit, it was certainly better than Alien: Colonial Marines. That game was a true nightmare.

Price: $48.76 (19 percent off MSRP)

Buy Alien: Isolation here.


  • Distrubing
  • Great presentation
  • Terrifying setting
  • It’s not Colonial Marines


  • Poor enemy AI
  • Stumbling pace
  • Fear may be lost on some
  • Based on a movie franchise

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