‘Battle of Toys’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. Choose Your Difficulty Wisely

Battle of Toys Tips

• You can select difficulty for the next battle in the progression map. This goes from Easy (nah!) to Extreme (ouch!). Pick your preferred difficulty. It’s worth trying them all; the harder the difficulty, the bigger the win rewards.

7. Get That Extra Help From Other Toys

Battle of Toys

• Why bear the entire burden on just one toy? The progression map indicates how many opponents you are about to face in the next round. If you see your toy’s life bar falling short against your rivals, it’s time to tag one of your other owned toys. Think quickly! Battles last 30 seconds so make sure the last toy you chose has more life bar than your opponent.

8. Pink up Everything You Can During Battles

Battle of Toys Tips

• When your toy hits an opponent random items will drop. You could get coins, toy battery bars, and even diamonds! So stay alert and tap on the drops. You can use these drops to keep fighting and buying other items that will make your toys stronger. You can swipe across multiple drops to pick them all at once. But watch out and don’t be too greedy! Be prepared to tap when the next attack chance takes place.

9. Win Prizes and Use Them During Battle

Battle of Toys

• The Capsule Machine is the place where you could win toy parts to upgrade, power-ups, big coin prizes, diamonds, extra toy battery and many other cool things. Each spin is quite cheap, so keep trying, you never know what you could get next!

10. Expand Your Toy Collection

Battle of Toys Cheats

• Check out your toy collection in the ‘My Toys’ section to see which ones you are missing on. Each toy has different default stats. Some are naturally stronger than others. Tap on the [i] icon on each toy to see how far you are from buying or fully upgrading that toy. More owned toys means you’ll be able to choose the strongest ones during fights.