‘Chain Chronicle’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Chain Chronicle

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Chain Chronicle!

1. Get Familiar with Your Arcana Types

Chain Chronicle

• Each of the game’s many characters fall under certain Arcana types. Each of these unit types fall under a certain color alignment, which makes it easier to identify who’s who. The Soldier class (Red) qualifies as the strongest offensive characters. Knights (Blue) are much better when it comes to defensive abilities. The ranged Archer class (Yellow) can attack their chosen targets in the same lane as them. Clerics (Green) are your primary healing class. And the Wizard class (Purple) is capable of shooting off ranged magic attacks towards enemies in their same lane.

2. Here’s What Arcana Types are Strong and Weak Against Each Other

Chain Chronicle Tips

• Warriors are stronger against Knights, Knights are stronger against Archers & Mages and Archers & Mages are stronger against Warriors. Make sure you remember this strength/weakness hierarchy so that you can always get the advantage against the enemies you run into.

3. Here’s What Each of the Status Ailments Can Do

Chain Chronicle Tips

• When characters are poisoned, they’ll get damaged over time and their damage output will falter. The Slow status effect generally lowers an affected unit’s speed. The Blind status effect keeps affected unit types from using ranged attacks. Frozen units can’t perform any actions, plus those affected units take extra damage from attacks. Characters who are downed/stunned can’t move not defend against ranged attacks.

• The Skeleton status effect lowers the overall stats of an affected unit. The Seal status effect makes sure that special moves can’t be utilized. The Weak status ailment takes away the chances of attack damage getting lessened when used against the effected unit. And finally, your cursed unit takes on an extra bit of damage for the set number of hits they receive from an enemy.

4. So Which Unit Types Should You Place in the Front, Middle and Back Rows?

Chain Chronicle Cheats

• Your Warriors and Knights should certainly play the front line during battle. As for the Clerics you have in your party, they should be placed within the middle lane. And when it comes to the best placement for your Wizards and Archers, make sure you stick them in the back row. These lane placement tips will get your far and keep your units alive as long as possible.

5. The Basics of Fortune Rings

Chain Chronicle

• Fortune Rings are essential collectible items that can be used to cop some premium items. The basic methods towards getting Fortune Rings is by completing daily quests, getting them as a daily log-in reward, selling off three to five star rated cards and getting lucky by getting them after event quests. Fortune Rings are essential when it comes to purchasing the special five-star rated card for the month.