‘Chain Chronicle’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. The Basics of Battle Bonuses Part 1

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• You’ll notice that you can nab extra bonuses for your activities during the battle you just finished. If you manage to finish off a battle fast enough and get the time bonus, then properly use your melee Arcana to finish your enemies quickly. You should make sure you get the bonus that comes your way when you keep all of your Arcana alive by teh time the battle concludes.

7. The Basics of Battle Bonuses Part 2

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• The final 3rd post-battle bonus will come your way if you finish off the battle with a special ability. It might be difficult to notice which enemy is the last baddie standing, though. If you think the last remaining enemy is the exact final one, wait just a few seconds before attacking it to see if any more enemies come behind it. If they truly are the last enemy remaining, wittle down their health and kill ’em off with a special ability to get that after battle bonus.

8. Use the Correct Enhancer Cards in Conjunction with Arcana Cards During Fusion Activities

Chain Chronicle Tips

• When it comes to fusing your extra arcana cards with the regular arcana cards you wish to level up, make sure to use the correct Enhancer cards. Fusing the right Enhancer card with a Arcana type that matches that card’s class will provide that unit type with extra experience. Class Enhancer cards are the cards we’re alluding to here. For example, fuse Soldier type Arcana cards with Solider type Enhancer cards.

9. Participate in Events and Spend Prysma to Gain Rare Party Members

WriterParty.com gave players some advice on how to nab rare party members:

You want the rarest Arcana in your party that you can find, and that starts with the summoning aspect of the game. Events are great ways to get rare party members, along with spending Prysma on recruiting the rare ones. Fill your party with rare Arcana, even if you end up with two tanks, or two wizards or two archers. Their base stats will be far higher than the common ones.

10. Make Sure You Complete Personal Character Quests to Unlock New Passive Abilities

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TouchTapPlay.com reminded players of the personal quest missions for characters in your unit. Completing those missions will unlock new passive abilities for those characters:

Each unit has their own personal questline you can pursue once you’ve hit the required criteria. For example, for Kain, the first unit you recruit, his quest unlocks once he hits level 20 and you reach the Hideaway Village. You can see the requirements in a unit’s info panel. Once you complete the quest, you’ll unlock the passive ability Poison Resistance for him. Be sure to do these quests once you’ve leveled up your team!