‘Cookie Jam’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know


Cookie Jam

• There’s a good amount of power up’s in the game that you’ll wanna use when the time arises. Certain power up’s unlock after you complete a set number of stages. The 1st uses of an item are free, but eventually you’re gonna have to spend some coins to unlock them all the way. The Oven Mitt booster is capable of swapping out two non-matching cookies to later match the cookies you need for a match. The Piping Bag can clear out a vertical row of cookies, while the Rolling Pin can clear out a horizontal row of cookies.


• As for the other available power up’s in Cookie Jam, the Wooden Spoon clears out one single cookie that you select. The +5 booster, once used before a level, grants you five extra moves during a stage playthrough. The Whipped Cream booster smashes any five cookies that are nearby each other. And the Gobstopper eliminates all cookies that have the same color on a current stage.

8. Use Your Wooden Spoon Power Up When It Comes to Clearing The Stage of Gingerbread Men

• One of the best power up’s in the game is the Wooden Spoon. The Wooden Spoon is capable of crunching the single cookie of your choice. Gingerbread Men usually present big problems for players, since they continuously try to climb up the stage and disrupt your desert. The best way to get rid of them easily is through the use of your Wooden Spoon boosters.

9. The Basics Towards Obtaining Row-Clearing Cookies

Cookie Jam

Modojo.com made sure to advise players on the methods needed to create row-clearing cookies:

This is simply a matter of lining up four pieces together in a section. Depending how you remove them from the board, you’ll either see remaining cookie pieces that have a vertical or horizontal line in them. Once you align these with similar pieces, you’ll be able to clear the row or column they’re lined up with. In addition, watch out for X pieces that you earn by lining up several pieces in a certain formation. Once eliminated, these explode in an X fashion, taking out pieces in the nearby vicinity. These are great for building combos as well.

10. You Should Only Use Your Rolling Pins for Corner Pieces That are Hard to Match

Cookie Jam Boosters

Imore.com let players know which instance is best when it comes to finally using your rolling pins:

Rolling pins will clear an entire row of ingredients in one go. While it’s tempting to use them to finish off a certain type of ingredient, it’s much smarter to save them for obnoxious corners and crevices you can’t reach easily. For example, if you have waffles that you have to clear, you’ll run into many times where they hide in corners that are hard to match.