‘Dying Light’: Top 5 Tips You Need to Know

Dying Light is one of the most challenging games I’ve played in recent memory. I’m less than a dozen hours into the game, and I’ve died more times than I can count. That’s due to the fact that enemies — both zombie and human — are notoriously tough to kill, even in one-on-one fights. Most zombies games let players run through the undead masses, slicing and dicing to their hearts’ content without garnering so much as a scratch, so it’s hard to get used to a more realistic game where even encountering a lone zombie can be a deadly affair.

Due to its challenging nature, we’ve rounded up five essential tips and tricks that will keep you alive that much longer as you explore the world of Dying Light.

1. Avoid the Night

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The hardest time to survive in Dying Light is during the night. When the sun sets, powerful zombies called Volatiles emerge from the shadows. They’re so fast and strong that your minimap will actually show their location and vision cones as a warning to stay away. There are tons of them, though, so avoiding them for long is pretty difficult. Once one spots you, it will relentlessly pursue you until you’re safe or dead (good luck if you try to actually kill one). Limited visibility doesn’t help your chances of survival, either, so your best bet is to find shelter and sleep until morning when dusk settles in.

2. Run Away Instead of Fighting

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As I mentioned with the Volatiles, sometimes fighting is a lost cause. You might be able to take on two or three zombies at once, but once you attract five or six, you’ll have a hard time surviving without burning through all your medkits. It’s for this reason that sometimes it’s best to not fight and just run the heck away. Thankfully, the game makes this easy with an intuitive parkour system and skills that allow you to even jump over and easily dodge zombies. Fight when you need to and run when you can, and you’ll survive that much longer.

3. Break Some Legs

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One of the best skills in the game is the leg breaking skill. I know it’s saved my butt on numerous occasions. Not long after leveling up, you’ll gain access to this skill. Buy it immediately. You’ll thank me later. It’s a difficult maneuver to pull off, but once you get it down, you’ll be an unstoppable zombie-killing machine. The actual skill breaks zombies legs so they can only crawl around, which basically eliminates them as threats. To pull it off, you sprint toward an enemy, drop into a slide and immediately kick. Watch in glee as the zombie’s leg shatters, forcing the undead to helplessly crawl around. Perform it on a human enemy, and it’s an instant kill!

4. Buy Blueprints

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Part of the fun of Dying Light is using blueprints to craft some outrageous and powerful weapons, like an electrified bat or a flaming knife. Blueprints can be acquired by either completing quests, finding them while looting or buying them from various vendors. Near the beginning of the game, you won’t have access to many blueprints the two former ways, so I’d recommend the latter. Purchasing a blueprint doesn’t usually cost much money (of which you should have plenty, if you’re properly looting), but they give you access to melee weapons that make killing so much quicker.

5. Capture Safehouses

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There are plenty of safehouses in Dying Light, and they act as respawn points when you die, so they’re important to grab. The reason is because you’ll die a lot, and the last thing you need is to spend five minutes trekking across the map only to die and spawn hundreds of meters away from your objective. Capturing a safehouse is pretty straightforward: Find a red house on your minimap, go there, close off the area if necessary (usually by shutting an open gate or something) and kill everything there. Once done, find a circuit box or power node (usually marked on the minimap) and activate it. Congratulations! The safehouse is yours. That’s one more spawn point and one more place to go when the sun begins to set.

So there you have it: five tips and tricks to help you survive the brutal world of Dying Light. I hope they help in your quest. Keep it locked to Heavy’s Dying Light hub for all things related to the game.

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