‘Heroes Charge’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Heroes Charge

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Heroes Charge!

1. You’ll Unlock New Modes and Features As You Hit New Levels

Heroes Charge Tips

• As you gain new levels, you’ll notice that new features and special places to do battle in will start to pop up. For example, you’ll unlock the Arena at Level 10, the Time Rift at Level 14, the Equipment Enchantment option at Level 20, World Chat at Level 24, the Hero Trial at Level 25 and the Crusade option and Goblin Merchant at Level 30.

2. Make Sure You Promote Your Heroes When the Chance Arises

Heroes Charge Tips

• Take note of when any of your Heroes’ has all their equipment slots filled. You’ll know that you’ll have the option to then promote that hero and raise their attributes to an even more impressive level. Even though promoted Heroes lose all their acquired equipment, their attributes will get a substantial boost. Promoted Heroes can be seen through the “+1” placed by their name.

3. Pick Easy Opponents for the Arena

Heroes Charge Cheats

• As soon as you unlock the Arena, take some time to go in there to battle live players. You’ll get a hefty reward of much-needed items as you make your way through victorious battles. Make sure you take on teams that have a lower power rating than your team. Mix and match your Heroes, upgrade each of their skills as high has possible, build up a defensive-minded team, increase your rank and walk away with gems. Complete the elite version of completed stages to nab free gems as well.

4. The Basics Behind Raid Tickets

• Try to get to VIP Level 4 or higher. You’ll get the option to complete 10 stage raids once you bank out at 10 Raid Tickets. You can only use Raid Tickets once you’ve achieved a 3-star rating on any stage. While you don’t grab EXP for your Heroes from stage raids, your item farming needs will get improved due to your raiding efforts.

5. The Best Method to Farming is Through the Auto-Fight Feature

Heroes Charge

• You’ll unlock the Auto-Fight option for any stage once you complete that level. This feature plays a huge part in farming for items and experience, so make sure you use it once you replay past stages with a stronger party of Heroes.




I’ve just started playing Heroes Charge, I sometimes use cheats and hacks just to get through it faster and level up though. In case you guys are interested in getting your hands on some cheats, I personally use castlecheats.com/heroescharge right now and would totally recommend checking it out.

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