‘HonorBound’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know


Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for HonorBound!

1. Research as Much as Possible


• You’ll have to make sure you employ as many scholars as possible. Focus on researching Leadership as early as possible, to unlock new rituals, new heroes, evolution, fortification and more. You should prioritize your researching needs by focusing on the Leadership, Ritual and Coin Scavenger tabs. Researching your leadership will earn you an extra squad slot and make your commander stronger. Researching your Ritual subjects will unlock new rituals as well as the Evolve option. And finally, researching the Coin Scavenger tab will get your more coins as you venture through dungeons.

2. Complete Higher Level Mines for More Gold

HonorBound Tips

• Unlock higher-level mines by beating story missions – these new maps will give you access to more gold! You can add more gold to your collection through regular battles, exploring dungeons, selling off your gear, researching Strongboxes and banishing extra heroes.

3. Unlock Additional Squad Slots ASAP

HonorBound Cheats

• Focus on unlocking squad slots 3 and 4 first! Make sure you have empty slots in your hero library, so you’ll be able to capture heroes and add them to your squad.

4. Take on Limited Time Event at All Costs

HonorBound Tips

• There are lots of limited time events with huge rewards. Check out Trial of the Gods for double the XP and coins! Rampages give blue chests and chances to capture powerful heroes.

5. Do Battle in the Arena to Amass More Awards


• Fight in the Arena whenever your Arena energy is full and keep your streak alive for bigger and bigger bonuses. Every three wins in a row that you gain will net you a reward. This occurs until you hit your 60th win while still under a streak. Once you hit your 60th win, the reward pattern for streaks repeats once again when you grab your 63rd win during a streak.

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