‘Titans’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. Stock Up on Potions

Titans Tips

• You can bring Potions into battle, which can provide attack bonuses and heal damaged Titans. Using these Potions at the right time can ensure your victory in battle. You can only use 1 Potion per combat turn, so make sure to use them at the right time.

7. Evolve Your Titans

Titans Tips

• Titans has a “level-up” system that allows you to use Materials to make your Titans stronger. When you reach a Titan’s level cap, you can also evolve your Titans by combining Titans of the same type. This increases a Titan’s level cap, allowing you to make it even stronger. Be sure to evolve your best Titans and make them as strong as they can be.

8. Collect Fusion Titans


• Fusion Titans are created by combining 2 different Titans to produce a brand-new Titan with different powers. These Titans are the strongest in the game – investing time in your Fusion Titans will help you overcome any challenge thrown at you.

• Fusion Titans require Lyras, so after you’ve unlocked a few deck slots, save your Lyras for crafting Fusion Titans.

9. Gather Materials from Daily Events

Titans Uken Games

Titans has a Daily Events system that allows you to gather the rarest Materials in the game at a higher frequency. These events are accessed by collecting an Event Key once a day for free, simply by logging in. Each day offers a different set of Materials to gather, so choose the Event that will provide the Materials you need for your Titans. They are essential if you want to build a deck of the strongest Titans in the game.

10. Duel with Other Players in PvP Battles to Collect XP

Titans Uken Games Cheats

• On the Quest Map, you’ll find crossed-sword icons that represent other players in the game. By tapping on these icons, you can challenge other players to a duel for only 100 Coins. Winning these duels will earn you more Coins and XP, which is used to level up your character. Every time you level up, you’ll get a free Stamina recharge, which allows you to continue progressing through the game’s Quest Areas. When you run out of Stamina, try challenging other players to duels – you might be able to
earn enough XP to get a free Stamina recharge and continue the main Quest.

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