‘Daytona Rush’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Daytona Rush iOS

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Daytona Rush!

1. Keep Playing Missions to Level Up Faster and Unlock More Vehicles

Daytona Rush

• The basis of Daytona Rush involves you taking any of your cars on the road in an endless racer. Your main goal usually entails three types of missions, which you should complete in order to level up and unlock better cars. Before you hop onto a new track run, make sure you pay attention to the missions given to you. The three mission types you’ll deal with at several intervals are driving a certain distance on the track, overtaking a specific number of rival cars or smashing into a certain number of cars on the road.

2. You Should Always Watch Those Video Advertisements in Order to Double Your Earnings After a Race

• After you complete a track run through, a button prompt will pop up on your screen and ask you if you’d like to double the amount of earning you just garnered. Make sure you’re playing this game in a WiFi enabled setting so that you can always watch these short ad’s. It’s best to watch these videos every time and get enough extra funds to upgrade your cars much faster.

3. This is the Car Upgrade Priority List You Need to Pay Attention to

Daytona Rush

• There are three different aspects of your cars that you can upgrade – its engine, running gear and body. The 1st priority on your list to upgrade is your car’s engine, which helps increase the speed and boost fuel economy of your car. Then you should make it your 2nd upgrade priority to upgrade your body since it increases the number of hits your car can take. And last but certainly not least, you should throw some upgrade funds into your vehicle’s running gear since it helps increase the speed your car gets from changing lanes.

4. Avoid That Red Lane

Daytona Rush iOS

• Your car can’t stay on those three car filled lanes forever. From time to time, you’ll have to hop off the track and fuel up your ride. Hop into that lane when the fueling lane is open and ready for you to stay within it for a few seconds. But keep your eyes tuned for the red lines that will pop up on this same fueling lane. Get out of there ASAP when it’s red so you don’t get disqualified for staying in that lane too long.

5. Go Against the Grain and Pull off Some Close Call Stunts

Daytona Rush

• One of the more riskier methods that nets your more cash in through the use of close calls. Close calls entails hopping into a lane while a vehicle is close to your car. Upgrade our running gear stat as much as possible to pull off more close calls. You should also throw some extra bucks into your body just in case you’re scared you’re going to hit too many cars during your close call attempts.