‘Disney Infinity: Toy Box’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Disney Infinity Toy Box

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Disney Infinity: Toy Box!

1. Make Sure You Create a DisneyID Account

Disney Infinity Toy Box

• Login to your DisneyID Account or create one for the first time. If you use your same account from Disney Infinity: Toy Box (1.0), all of your purchased characters will be waiting for you in My Collection! You will also get access to tons of new content from the community including our weekly developer picks and you can share Toy Boxes with your friends.

2. Add Friends ASAP

Disney Infinity Toy Box

• What about friends? You can add friends to your DisneyID account by adding your friends screen name. Tap on the “Social Hub,” tap on the [+] sign and add your friends screen name. To find your screen name by tapping on the “Social Hub.” It is across the top of the Social Hub window.

3. The Best Way to Earn Sparks

Disney Infinity Toy Box

• Need sparks? Play the Daily Challenge, by going to “Toy Box,” then “Toy Box Games” and finally “Daily Challenge.” Try to level your characters up a bit first. Even the trial characters will be better off with a few levels under their belt.

4. Make Good Use of the Trial Characters

Disney Infinity Toy Box

• Enjoy the trial characters. All the progress earned on trial characters will still be there the next time you get to play them, whether as a trial again or when you purchase them.

5. Figure Out What You Want to Spend Your Sparks On

Disney Infinity Toy Box iOS

• Plan ahead. Figure out what you want to use your sparks on, then go for it! Is it going to be a costume for your favorite character? A cool toy to customize your toy box?

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