‘Dragon Ball Xenoverse’: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

Dragon Ball Xenoverse

Bandai Namco Games has published a long line of fighters within the Dragon Ball universe for a good while now. Most of them have been pretty lackluster, but fans of the popular anime are getting their hopes up for this upcoming next-gen savior – Dragon Ball Xenoverse. By the looks of things, this early 2015 game release looks to be one of the best of the year. Here’s all the info you need to know about the latest Dragon Ball fighting game.

1. The Plot Will Follow an Original Cast of Characters That Tamper With the Original DBZ Storylines

DBZ Xenoverse

Unlike the other games released under the DBZ banner, Xenoverse will change its story format up with an original plot. This time, the events that have already transpired during the Dragon Ball Z sagas. Two brand new villains, Towa and Mira, employ the aid of evil Time Breakers to tamper with time itself.

Future Trunks and the playable Future Warrior try to fend off their new enemies with the use of Time Patrol warriors. Their overall goal is to repair the damage done to the DBZ timeline, change it back to normal and defeat the powerful baddies responsible for those changes.

2. 11 Sagas Make Up The Offering of Playable Chapters Featured in the Game

DBZ Xenoverse

Xenoverse’s story mode has been officially called Universe Mode. Players will get to play the following chapters during this lengthy story campaign, which includes all of the sagas seen from DBZ:

– Prologue
– Saiyan Saga
– Return of the Saiyans Saga
– Ginyu Force Saga
– Frieza Saga
– Cell Saga
– Android Saga
– Majin Buu Saga
– God of Destruction Beerus Saga
– Saga of the Demon God Démigra
– Saga of the Legendary Super Saiyan

3. Players Will Get The Chance to Create Custom Characters

DBZ Xenoverse

One of the better features in the game is the option to create custom characters. The character classes that can be chosen from includes the Earthling, Majin, Namekian, Saiyan, and Frieza races. These custom fighters can level up through battle, learn specific moves from the more famous characters within the DBZ timeline, adopt familiar costumes and adapt particular stats that apply to their race.

4. The Entire Roster is Filled With Characters From the DBZ and DB: GT Anime

Dragon Ball Xenoverse – Full Character Roster & Alternate OutfitsYeah, after long and long and long hours battling out I finally unlocked every character and every outfit! Please do enjoy :) _________________________________ If you liked this video hit that like button and subscribe to my channel with this link : youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=SergioM3 Also Make sure to follow me on twitter for first hand updates on…2015-02-07T06:36:28.000Z

Xenoverse features a wide roster of characters that have made appearances in the Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT universes. While a few transformations for some characters and movie characters are missing from the overall roster, the rest of the playable cast is full of fan favorite fighters and brand new characters new to the anime series. Check out the video above to see who’s included in the final roster.

5. 24 Different Stages Will Be Included

Dragon Ball Xenoverse : All StagesHOLD ON! Before you even think of asking why there's no Final Boss demigra and inside spaceship stage… you must know that those stages aren't selectable for you to play on, other then the parallel quests and/or Story Quests! Also, I found a few hidden stages on the data that I will reveal later! Enjoy!…2015-02-08T06:55:30.000Z

24 stages make up the entirety of the maps players can do battle on. In a cool twist to the usual 1 on 1 battles, these wide open stages can handle 3 vs. 3 battle royals. Check out the vid above to see each stage in action and read the list below to get the entire listing of these open maps:

– Rocky Area (Evening, Noon and Night)
– Planet Namek
– Ruined Planet Namek
– Cell Games Arena
– Sacred World of the Kais
– Time Storage Vault
– Toki Toki City
– Hell
– Hyperbolic Time Chamber
– Urban Area
– City (Ruins)
– Islands
– Space
– Plains (Evening, Night and Noon)
– Kame House
– Kami’s Lookout
– World Tournament Stage
– Cave
– Mountains
– Planet New Tuffle (DLC)
– Frieza Space Ship
– Natade Village

6. World Tournament Mode Will Be Returning

DBZ Xenoverse

The Tenkaichi Budokai (World Tournament Mode) will be making its return with the release of Xenoverse. This mode will take place during real-time, online play and allow players to participate in player vs. player battles. Along with the option to spectate matches, players will also get to make real-time entrances with their chosen fighters.

7. The Other Mode Offered in the Game is Villainous Mode

DBZ Xenoverse

The other mode seen in Xenoverse, Villainous Mode, will pit players against villainous versions of characters such as Frieza, Cell and Kid Buu.

8. The Collectors Edition of the Game is Exclusive to Europe

DBZ Xenoverse Collectors Edition

European fans who’re looking to get an extra special edition of the game can purchase the exclusive Trunks’ Travel Edition. Along with a copy of the game itself, purchasers will be gifted with a special box that comes with a 25-centimeter long figurine of Future Trunks.

9. Three DLC Packs Will Add More Content to the Game Over Time

DBZ Xenoverse DLC Packs

A month after Xenoverse’s launch, three DLC packs will begin to roll out for the game. Read up on those three DLC packs below to see what type of content each one will feature. Players can buy each pack separately or get all three of them through the Season Pass:

– DLC Pack 1 (March 2015) – GT Goku, GT Trunks, and GT Pan. Also, 4 Time Patrol quests, 12 parallel quests, 15 special attacks and 5 costumes.

– DLC Pack 2 (TBA) – more customization items, super attacks and Time Patrol quests.

– DLC Pack 3 (TBA) – Jaco the Galactic Patrolman and the Master Roshi costume-set.

10. A Special Day One Edition is Up for Pre-Order

DBZ Xenoverse Day One Edition

The Day One edition of Xenoverse comes with a special dose of DLC extras – a playable Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta and two extra Frieza Soldier Battle Suits.

Buy Dragon Ball Xenoverse here.

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