‘One Piece Treasure Cruise’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

One Piece Treasure Cruise

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for One Piece Treasure Cruise!

1. Become More Familiar With the Game’s Strengths and Weaknesses

One Piece Treasure Cruise

• The one attribute of character’s during battle that’s important is their element types. Each of these character types apply to a certain color affiliation. Red applies to STR, green is associated with DEX, blue works with QCK, yellow goes for PSY and purple goes for INT. And remember – STR > DEX, DEX > QCK, QCK > STR and PSY & INT are both weak against each other.

2. Get Your Timing Right in the Early Potions of the Game

One Piece Treasure Cruise Tips

• The most important aspect of properly winning during battle is timing. Make sure you get into a smooth rhythm when you send your characters out to attack. Become super familiar with whatever the tutorial tells you to do. Tap on your character, keep a close eye on the attack words moving towards the center of the person you’re attacking and immediately tap on another character to get a Perfect chain going. Perfect chain attacks leads to big Doom attacks, so get your timing right as soon as you get deeper into the story.

3. Only Use Good or Great Attacks to Recover HP

One Piece Treasure Cruise Tips

• Once you spot a piece of meat next to any of your party members, send that particular character out to attack. You should be careful and only try to land a Good or Great attack in order to recover some HP with the meat you acquire. Remember to never land a Perfect attack. Perfect attacks send the meat flying and you won’t recover any HP.

4. Always Bring Along a Live Player’s Guest Character

One Piece Treasure Cruise Tips

• Before you head into a new story chapter, you’ll always get the option to take their guest captain along with you into battle. Always add them to your party. You’re going to need an extra hand for battle, which is why these guest party members are essential. After the completion of a chapter, make sure you send the person you borrowed a captain from a friend request. More friends means more guest captains and more Friend Points will earn you more chances to gain new characters.

5. Always Make Your Way up to Landing a Doom Attack

• After landing a string of Good, Great or Perfect attacks with your party members, the option to use an all-powerful Doom attack pops up. As soon as that attack notification pops up on the screen, tap on your next party member in line to land that Doom attack. Always try and land this powerful finishing strike during every turn you take.


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I’ve been looking through different websites for cheats on One Piece Treasure Cruise to make game-time just a little bit easier, because it can get so frustrating at times. Just thought I’d share a favourite of mine: castlecheats.com/oncepiececruise

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