‘Radiation Island’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Radiation Island

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Radiation Island!

1. The Difference Between Adventure and Exploration Mode

Radiation Island

• The type of experience you’ll derive from Radiation Island depends on what mode you play this game in – Adventure of Exploration. Adventure mode players will have to deal with the difficult game mechanic of losing one’s currently equipped weapon upon death (unequip your favorite weapon once you know you’re close to dying). The Exploration mode will allow all players to enjoy the game in a much simple way, since you won’t lose anything after dying.

2. Become Familiar with the Basic Items You’ll Need to Pick up As You Look to Craft Most Items

Radiation Island

• Near the beginning portion of the game, there’s a specific lineup of items that you’ll need to gather in order to increase your chances of staying alive. As you travel throughout the island, you should always make it a habit to collect these basic essentials: Twigs, Flint, Stones, Fiber, Leather, Leaves, Medical Plans, Fish Iron Ore, Titanium Ore and Sulfur Ore. You’ll need most of these items to build yourself a custom melee weapon or keep yourself from dying due to hunger.

3. Craft a Fishing Rod ASAP So You’ll Capture Tons of Fish

• There’s a ton of ways to die on such a dangerous island. If you want to make sure you don’t lose your life due to extreme hunger, then you should make it a priority to craft a Fishing Rod (which can be made with 2 pieces of String and 3 pieces of Wood). Use your rod near the starting portion of the game and start fishing ASAP. Gather some food this way and you’ll survive that much longer as you make your way through the 1st part of the island.

4. Don’t Leave the Starting Beach Area Before Accomplishing These Tasks

Radiation Island Tips

• Don’t be so quick to leave the beach area near the start of the game. Before you venture out of this section, you should do a few things – level up your backpack’s inventory space to level 5, bring along a ton of food to maintain your hunger during the next part of your journey, craft a few weapons for the road ahead and craft some leather clothing to build up your defense.

5. Ranged Weapons are Better than Melee Weapons

Radiation Island Tips

• You’ll be much better off attacking your enemies from a distance instead of getting right up on them and smacking them with your melee weaponry. While the axes, clubs and other close range weapons you can create are useful, the ranged weapons you can create are even better. Plus later on, you’ll gain the ability to equip guns and craft bullets. We’re gonna list the crafting materials needed to build up all of the ranged items in the game:

– Boomerang: 4 pieces of Wood + 1 piece of Flint
– Slingshot: 5 pieces of Wood + 2 pieces of Fiber
– Bow: 4 pieces of String + 4 pieces of Wood
– Arrow Heads: 2 pieces of Flint + 1 piece of Iron
– Arrow: 1 piece of Fang + 1 piece of Wood or 1 Arrow Head + 1 Twig
– Spear: 1 piece of Flint + 1 piece of Fiber + 2 pieces of Wood

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