Spring Fever 2015: New PS4 Games Every Week Starting 3/3
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Spring Fever 2015: New PS4 Games Every Week Starting 3/3

upcoming pS4 games

Sony has announced Spring Fever 2015 for PlayStation gamers which will see new indie PS4 game releases every week for the next two months beginning on March 3, 2015, as well as discounts on those games upon their release, and even some discounts on PS3 and PS Vita.

According to the PlayStation Blog, PS Plus members will get a 10% discount on each of these new games during each game’s week of launch. Games such as Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, Axiom Verge, Bastion, Shovel Knight and more will be heading to the PS4. Not only will PS4 users see discounts on brand new games, but also on previously released games during certain weeks, although details of those discounts are not fully recognized just yet. For a full breakdown of what games are coming when, see below.

spring fever ps plus

ps4 games sale

We’re guessing that these franchises will have their latest iterations on sale, and not their old games, but you never know. If that’s the case, Dragon Age: Inquisition is a MUST buy when it goes on sale. Stay tuned to Heavy’s Games section for more of the latest video game news, trailers and reviews.

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