‘Angry Birds Stella POP!’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Angry Birds Stella Pop

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Angry Birds Stella POP!

1. Don’t Forget! You Have the Ability to Change Your Current Bubble’s Color

Angry Birds Stella Pop Tips

• You may not have known this little factoid, but you can actually change the color of your current bubble before making a move. Simply tap on your slingshot and you’ll alter the color of your bubble accordingly. There’s no need to waste a turn when you can’t find a group of matching bubbles to target and clear. Make every action count by changing your bubbles color to clear more of the board every time.

2. Try to Aim Your Bubbles at Higher Distances

Angry Birds Stella Pop Tips

• While it may seem like the more sensible thing to shoot down the bubbles that hang lower, we feel its a much better option to aim much higher. Keep an eye on your bubble shooter marker to see where your bubble will land when you aim as high as you can. Nabbing those larger combos and clearing out the bubbles beneath them can all be done in just a few actions if you follow this strategy.

3. Go for Matches During Every Turn to Continually Fill Up Your Pop Meter

• In order to properly fill your Pop meter, you’ll have to continually make bubble matches in a row to trigger your streak. Completely filling your pop meter always awards you with a helpful booster, so you should make it a habit to make a bubble match with every turn you get. Whether you pull of a two bubble match or a huge six bubble match, any match will go towards filling your pop meter.

4. Make Good Use of Stella and Willows Power-Up’s

Angry Birds Stella Pop

• Each Angry Bird in the game utilizes a special power-up that makes things a lot easier to handle. Main character Stella makes good use of her “Power Pop,” which is able to pop a whole group of bubbles no matter the color. Use this power-up wisely to pop a huge set of bubbles that contains a huge variety of colored bubbles. As for Willows, she has access to the “Splash Pop” bubble. This power-up can change any bubble it’s attached to in an area to a single color. When you’re stuck and can’t find any matching bubble groupings to pop, this power up can work wonders for your troubled situation.

5. Increase Your Star Rating by Having Tons of Bubbles Left Over Once You Complete a Stage

Angry Birds Stella Pop Tips

• Try and complete any stage with a ton of bubbles left over as possible. The more bubbles you have remaining in your slingshot pack, the more bonus points you’ll grab near a stage’s completion. Getting a 3-star rating will be a much easier task by following this bit of advice.

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