‘Angry Birds Stella POP!’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. Here’s The Basics Behind Poppy and Dahlia’s Power-Up’s

• Poppy’s special “Line Pop” power-up is able to pop a whole row of bubbles in just one shot. Make good use of this power up when it comes to to pulling off shots at higher distances. And Dahlia’s “Color Pop” power-up clears out all the bubbles of a certain color that it happens to land on. For instance, landing this power-up bubble on a red bubble will clear out all red bubbles in the stage.

7. Make More Matches, Bring in More Bees and Rack Up More Points

• The more bubble matches you pull off, the more bees you’ll attract towards your stage. When you free pigs and miscellaneous debris from their positions above you, you’ll be able to rack up more points when these objects bounce off of those bees.

8. Connecting the Game to Facebook is a Priority Here

Angry Birds Stella Pop

• You’ll undoubtably run into some super tough stages later on. The best way to get those extra lives you need is by requesting them for your Facebook friends. Don’t go annoying the hell out of them with your game invites and requests, but you should connect the game in order to play as long as possible. Exchanging hearts among your online allies will get you farther more than anything.

9. Become One With the All-Powerful Wall-Shot Technique

TouchTapPlay.com let players know that one of the best shots they can take are wall-shots:

It is extremely important to be able to bag a solid wall-shot every time you need it, so you should practice these until you become an ace – master this technique and it will be a lot easier for you to reach the hard to get places and cruise through the levels.

10. Here’s What You’ll Need to Do to Clear Glass and Wood

Angry Birds Stella Pop Cheats

PlayHolic.com gave players the basics towards breaking through harder stage elements, such as glass and wood:

Many levels will have objects like glass and wood that will make it difficult for you to reach certain areas. Glass is fragile and can be removed with one single shot, but breaking wood blocks will require more than two or three shots. Aim bubbles at wood blocks to smash them only when you can’t find any matches. Better to use them for something more productive than waste them.

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