‘Arcanox: Cards vs. Castles’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. Upgrade Your Quarters At Least Once

Arcanox Cards vs Castles

• Upgrade your quarters at least once to get a 2nd worker. A 2nd worker means you can build or upgrade two rooms at once. Saving up the rubies for the upgrade is quite easy, because you get rubies for achievements, attacking, defending and inviting friends.

7. Enchant Your Defenders Early

Arcanox Cards vs Castles

• You should enchant your defenders early, because the benefits are huge. For example, a cannon enchanted with more health has 100-percent more hit points. By upgrading your defenders you unlock more enchantments, but upgrading also increases the enchantment costs.

8. Protect Your Trapper

Arcanox Cards vs Castles

• When a trapper is destroyed by an attacker, all traps are revealed. That’s why you should protect your trapper when you start using traps. Traps have a huge impact on the defense, because all of them affect multiple minions. This forces attackers to play much more carefully and play less minions at once.

9. Use Trap Maintenance

Arcanox Cards vs Castles Tips

• The trap maintenance is great because of two reasons: You win a more defenses, when your traps are charged all the time. This means attackers will steal less gold and you also get a ruby for every won defense. Plus, you don’t have to pay gold to recharge the traps.

10. Upgrade the Cards of Your Deck when You Have Gold Left

Arcanox Cards vs Castles Cheats

• Upgrade the cards of your deck whenever you have gold left. This way attackers can steal less gold, your castle is a less attractive target and your deck gets stronger.