‘Bloodborne’: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know


In 2014, gamers got a good look at some leaked screenshots for something real special. In its 1st incarnation, this title was referred to as “Project Beast.” Most insiders believed it to be something related to a past classic, Demon’s Souls. Once the official unveiling for this title came to pass, gamers everywhere discovered that “Project Beast” did in fact have something to do with the Demon’s/Dark Souls series.

That game has been officially given its proper name – Bloodborne. This dark, gritty and hardcore action RPG has turned into one of 2015’s most anticipated games. Hardcore gamers who’ve dealt with the punishing difficulty of Demon’s/Dark Souls will most certainly appreciate this brand new IP.

Get to know everything there is to know about the dark Sony PS4 exclusive, Bloodborne.

1. Bloodborne Comes From the Developers Behind Dark/Demon’s Souls


From Software, the main development team behind the creation of Bloodborne, has worked on past games that have elements present within their newest release. Along with those past titles, From Software’s other game credits include King’s Field, Armored Core, Tenchu, Otogi etc. The main game director for Bloodborne is Hidetaka Miyazaki, who’s worked on both the Armored Core and Demon’s/Dark Souls series.

2. The Plot Takes Place Within a Gothic City Called Yharnam

Bloodborne places you in the boots of a would-be traveler, who makes the trek to the gothic city of Yharnam. Like your chosen character, several other folks within the game’s world make the pilgrimage to Yharnam in order to seek out the cure for their afflictions.

Yharnam supposedly houses a very potent medical remedy, but it has also been stricken by an endemic illness that has turned its citizens into monsters. You’ll have to venture into this ruined city, fend off the beasts and many other baddies that block your path and discover the proper cure for your illness.

3. This Demon’s/Dark Souls Inspired Game Has a Bigger Focus on Offensive Play


Unlike Demon’s/Dark Souls focus on defensive combative play, Bloodborne’s gameplay is much more equipped for more offensive-minded players. You’ll venture through dark, cavernous areas that are filled with hordes of dangerous enemies.

Your custom character is much more agile than the warriors created in Demon’s/Dark Souls, which means you’ll be able to contend with your enemies thanks to the use of quick dashing maneuvers. Since your character won’t have much access to defensive gear, you’ll have to make great use of your melee and ranged weaponry.

4. Bloodborne Adopts a Health Regain System That Sets it Apart From its Inspirations


A special mechanic in the game will make Bloodborne a bit more approachable for those who haven’t experienced the difficulty of Demon’s/Dark Souls. There will be a health regain system, which comes into play during battle. As you take damage from your enemies, you’ll get the chance to get back some of your lost health by counter-attacking your enemy within a certain time range.

The damage dealt to your character will turn orange on your life bar at first, which signifies that this bit of health can be regained if you do what’s required. If you don’t attack your enemy in time though, you’ll lose that health for good.

5. One of the Bigger Features of the Game is Its Chalice Dungeons

Chalice Dungeons are the game’s version of procedurally-generated stages. These massive dungeons present a new challenge and layout every time you enter it. Heading into these Chalice Dungeons are a huge risk, but there’s tons of awards to be gained once inside. These dungeons can be tackled by yourself or alongside a 2nd online player.