‘Bloodborne’: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

6. There’s a Wide Range of Weaponry You Character Can Wield and There’s Tons of Beasts to Contend With


Players will get access to a wide range of melee and ranged weaponry. The melee weapons have the ability to transform between two weapon formations. The Saw Cleaver has a close-range form (capable of quick attacks) and a long-range form (capable of heavier, more powerful sweeping attacks. As for the Hunter Axe, its short form does well enough for close-range fights. But its extended form yields to wider attacks that can wipe out multiple enemies in one shot.

Special firearms can also be taken into battle, which can be used to stun enemies. Stunned enemies can then be taken down with critical hit Visceral Attacks. The game’s bestiary consists of the following transformed baddies – the Hunter Mob, Wheelchair Mob and bosses such as the Darkbeast and Cleric Beast.

7. There are Elements of Competitive and Co-Op Play


There are two cases of multiplayer gameplay available in Bloodborne. The competitive gameplay comes into shape in the form of player invasions. Two guest players can even invade your world and contend with you in battle. Once the in-game Bell Ringer woman shows up due to the Sinister Resonant Bell being used, guest players show up to face you in battle. If the guest players is victorious against thier rival, they’ll head back to their hub world with a huge reward.


The co-op sessions allow up to three characters taking on the main boss at hand. The main player will be able to invite two guests with the use of the Beckoning Bell item. Matching up with other co-op characters happens automatically and random, which means you’ll never know who may show up. However, you’ll have the option to set a password for your session. Your friends will be able to enter your world once they use that password to locate your game session. Guest characters can leave your session at any time by using the Silencing Blank item. Defeating the main boss of a cop-op session means guest characters will return to their world with big rewards, too.

8. Asynchronous Network Features Will Also Be Included


For fans of Demon’s/Dark Souls, the asynchronous network features present in Bloodborne should be familiar to them. You’ll be able to leave notes around the game world for other players, have your cause of death be seen through the use of Specter tombstones and spot player ghosts running around the same area as you.

9. Pre-Orders of the Game Comes with a Special Character Skin


Pre-ordering a copy of Bloodborne will gift players with the special “Top Hat” Messenger skin DLC. Here’s the official description of what this costume set entails straight from the game’s official website:

Pre-order Bloodborne and receive Top Hat Messenger skin DLC for use in the game. Messengers are nightmare creatures that hold your messages for other players, and guard your tombstone upon your death so other players can catch a glimpse of your final moments of life. This unique skin lets your personal messengers don stylish top hats wherever they go.

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10. There’s a Special Collector’s and Nightmare Edition for the Game

Bloodborne Collectors Edition

A special Collector’s Edition of Bloodborne is available for those who want a grander version of the game. It comes with the following physical/digital add-on’s to the standard game disc:

– a premium SteelBook Game Case
– a premium art book
– a digital soundtrack

Bloodborne Nightmare Edition

In a cool exclusive gift to UK gamers, there’s also a Nightmare Edition available for those who pre-order Bloodborne. It comes with a great mix of content along with the game itself, which are all listed below:

– a premium SteelBook case
– a premium art book
– a digital soundtrack
– a gothic notebook
– a quill & red ink set
– the “Top Hat” Messenger skin
– an in-game Bell Trinket

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