‘Final Fantasy Type-0 HD’ Review: An Upgraded Portable RPG With a New Lease on Life

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Game: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
Consoles: Xbox One, PS4 (Reviewed)
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Square Enix

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Square Enix originally launched the initial PSP release of Final Fantasy Type-0 back in 2011. After their series’ dedicated fanbase made it known that they wanted this new entry in the US, the RPG juggernaut finally decided to do just that. Four years later, gamers have finally received the opportunity to head into this mature portion of the Fabula Nova Crystallis sub-series. In a very appreciated move, Xbox One and PS4 owners get to enjoy this action RPG with a completely improved HD rendition of Final Fantasy Type-0.

The main plot workings of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD follows a interwoven battle between a military empire that relies on technology and a nation of people who rely on their magic prowess. Due to the violent and unwarranted attacks that the aforementioned military has brought upon its neighboring nations, the magic focused side chooses to utilize powerful students of a prestigious school to combat them. These 14 students rely on the power of their nation’s crystal, which is just what their rival are doing as well. As you move throughout the game’s chapter’s and many main missions, you’ll find yourself intrigued by the tough trials of war and the personalities sucked into this massive conflict. Each of the main party members work together under differing personalities, so everyone will surely adopt their favorite before long.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD follows a set pattern during its gameplay – running around the main campus of your magical university, pass the time by speaking with other characters, sit in on classes to gain more experience and get involved in a host of other activities. This main hub of the game’s world always feels alive and active, thanks to the full hallways and heap of opportunities to meet everyone there. The upgraded visuals makes this fantastical world look amazing. It’s a bit disappointing though when you venture outside of your school surroundings. Towns only serve as places to shop and they’re usually confined to just one explorable area. Final Fantasy fans will probably be let down by the fact that there’s only one large location to truly explore.

The battle system present here relies on action RPG mechanics. You’ll choose a main party member and head into your chosen missions with two other main party members in tow. Reserve party mates wait and hop into battle once a party member is felled in battle. The fast and fluid action is always fun and far from a button masher. Locking onto your opponents gives you the chance to land critical hits and one-hit kills, so smart tactical play is a must here. Each of your classmates have their own fighting style, which freshens up your approach to each mission. Sadly though, the AI-controlled members of your party are not that reliable. You’ll constantly run into infuriating situations where your mates run right up to big baddies to get killed quickly instead of working more defensively. You’ll find yourself switching between party members constantly just to keep the weaker ones alive.

The unreliable AI is frustrating to deal with at times, but there are so many ways in which you can make them last longer in battle. Side missions, world map battles, arena style training etc. make up the myriad of options that allow you to power up your classmates evenly. You’ll spend hours just making sure you’re efficient enough to participate in the game’s tough missions. The use of tower defense like skirmishes manages to keep things fresh and give you another chance to power up even more. You’ll undoubtedly enjoy your time with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. It’s beautiful visuals make it the definitive edition to play and its wide array of gameplay options will make you return to it again and again.

Bottom Line

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

We’re overjoyed by the fact that we finally have a good to great Final Fantasy game to play in the current gen. Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is a highly mature and heart wrenching RPG that hardcore fans will grow attached to. The intense warfare that unfolds and the young students embroiled within it makes this game’s plot shine. With a fun action RPG type battle system, a huge cast of party members, improved visuals and more, there’s a lot to love here. While the lack of huge towns to explore, unwieldy camera proving troublesome and the party member AI being none too reliable at times, this upgraded rendition of Final Fantasy Type-0 is still a quality RPG.

Score: 8.75/10


  • HD visuals shine wonderfully
  • With a more mature rating comes a more welcome and interesting darker storyline
  • Fast paced action RPG elements and huge cast of party members keeps battle situations fresh


  • Camera can get stuck in places during intense battles
  • The lack of other wide-open towns make the game’s world feel a bit constrained
  • Party member AI can be unreliable at times during battle

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