‘Jelly Jump (Ketchapp)’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. No Need to Tap So Quickly After Landing on a Platform

Jelly Jump

• When you start getting to higher platform levels, those platforms tend to open and close at a crazier rate. There’s no need to go crazy yourself and immediately try to hop up when you land on a platform. Stay calm and take at least half a second to time your jump. Take your time on both slow and fast platforms when it’s time to hop. You don’t wanna tap too fast and run the risk of missing the platform entirely or getting stuck in it while it’s closed.

7. Try to Go for Perfect Jumps as Much as Possible

Jelly Jump Guide

• Landing those perfect jumps are the way to go during your early periods of jumping. You’ll have a much easier time pulling these off during your time hopping up to or past level 10. If you can land those perfect jumps at the much tougher and faster levels, more power to you. Jumping perfectly through platforms 10 times with not issues is the way to go for the most experienced players of Jelly Jump.

8. Practice Makes Perfect

Jelly Jump

• An endless jumper such as this one will require you to be at your very best if you’re looking to get to those 30 or even 50 level scores. Be patient during your 1st few attempts at getting to or at least past level 10 of your platform jumping. Practice makes perfect as you get familiar with the platform patterns and their speeds, so soon enough you’ll start hitting higher scores of double digits and get a good spot on those leaderboards.

9. Be Weary of Spending Your Jelly Juice on Block Level Skips

DealForALiving.com told players that they should be very careful about what they spend their premium jelly juice on, whether it be upgrades or platform level skips:

After collecting a good amount of jelly juice, you can either spend it on upgrading your jelly jumper or you can use it to skip 10 level blocks. I’m not opposed to skipping levels, but it’s no cakewalk either because it can really throw off your timing on the first jump. If you have a level that drives you nuts early on, go ahead and skip it, but be extra careful before your first jump.

10. Use the Early Level Boost to Get to Level 10 if Your Truly Must Do So

Jelly Jump Tips

But AppAmped.com notified players who really want to rush in and collect the game’s version of premium currency (jelly juice) of this tip – go ahead and hop onto level 10 of your platform hopping:

As soon as you start the game, before jumping the first time, you have the option to spend 10 jelly (or whatever those drops are called) and you will be taken to level 10. That’s really worth doing if you are already a good player, as it’s after level 10 when you start collecting more of that jelly that can be considered the premium currency. And it always helps you get a head start, right?

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