‘Magic Cat Story’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Magic Cat Story

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Magic Cat Story.

1. Uncover Hidden Shortcuts to Quickly Traverse Through the World

Magic Cat Story Tips

• You can uncover hidden shortcuts on the World Map by clearing specific stages. This will allow you to skip 3-5 stages per each world. These stages tend to be more difficult so keep your puzzle-solving paws on point. Make sure to find all the different shortcuts to quickly traverse through each world.

2. Use Power-Ups to Get Out of Sticky Situations

Magic Cat Story Cheats

• Power-ups such as the Hold spell or the Magic Hammer can get you out of sticky situations. Cast the Hold Block spell to save color combinations for later use or use the Magic Hammer to destroy a single color block. You can buy spells before the game starts if you’re worried about not completing a level and as you progress further through the game, you can unlock more magical spells to master.

3. Drag and Rotate Magic Blocks to Solve Magic Puzzles

Magic Cat Story Guide

Magic Cat Story allows you can spin, drop, and pop puzzle blocks to create and chain combos together. Move blocks left or right by tapping and holding the block and then sliding the block left or right. By chaining together combos, you can fill up your Mana gauge and quickly complete objectives.

4. Using Combos to Fill Up Your Charge Meter to Unleash Your Magic

Magic Cat Story Tips

• Harnessing the immense power of a Magic Block takes a touch of wisdom and great timing. Create combos by breaking four or more blocks of the same color to quickly fill up your Mana gauge. Once your Mana gauge is completely full, you can turn the block on the bottom left corner into a Magic Block. If you destroy a Magic Block in a combo, it will destroy all blocks in the same column or row. Magic Blocks will explode differently depending on how many blocks of the same color you can pop at once.

5. Spin the Roulette to Earn a Nice Reward

Magic Cat Story iOS

• Having trouble clearing a level? If you can’t clear a level in 5 tries, you’ll receive some help with the use of a free spin on the roulette for a chance to win additional Hearts, power-ups, coins, etc. Typically, power-ups cost Rubies, but now you’ll have the chance to earn one for free.


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