‘Spring Ninja’: Top 5 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Spring Ninja

Here are the top 5 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Spring Ninja.

1. Bigger Jumps = Extra Points

Spring Ninja Tips

• For Spring Ninja, your primary goal entails jumping on a series of platforms until you miss one and fall to your doom. So the set points you can gain is as follows – landing on platform to platform gifts you one point and jumping over one complete platform to another nets you you two points times the number of platforms you bypass. So if you time your hop good enough and hop over two platforms in one shot and make a safe landing, you can walk away with four points. High risk leads to high reward in this game, so don’t be afraid to jump farther as possible.

2. The Basics of Amassing Tokens

Spring Ninja Cheats

• So there are point goals that you’ll want to hit in order to earn different types of tokens. So 10 points will get you a bronze token, 20 points will bring you a silver token, 30 points will net you a gold token and forty points will gift you with the all elusive platinum token. Only the most skilled and dedicated hoppers will get past that 20 point mark. Good luck!

3. Figure Out Your Jump Height and Distance For a Few Seconds Before Taking Off

Spring Ninja iOS

• Your overweight ninja makes his way to proceeding platforms on a set of springs. Each platform is spaced appropriately, so you’ll have to make an educated guess on what it will take to transport you the next platform. Take into account two factors before you make that eventual jump – your jump height and distance. For platforms that have the equal height, those are easy jumps to make. Don’t hold down on your springs down too much for those. For higher platforms, hold down those springs for a couple extra seconds. Lower platforms just require a simple tap. Keep an eye on your springs to gauge how high and far you’re about to go.

4. Every Level Changes Up Your Hopping Process

Spring Ninja iOS

• You’re going to die in Spring Ninja. Like, a whole bunch of times. Don’t get so infuriated. Each time you restart the game’s main process, the layout of the platforms will change. Sometimes you’ll get extra lucky and get onto a level that features easy platforms to hop onto at first. These levels will give you the best chance to grab that high score you’re looking for. Just prepare yourself for those stage restarts that feature hard platforms to hop onto near the beginning.

5. Get Rid of Those Annoying Advertisements!

Spring Ninja iOS

• Since you’ll be dying a whole lot, you’ll be forced to look at pop-up advertisements after every few deaths. It’s best to get super focused on playing this game properly by turning your mobile device’s Airplane Mode on. That way, you won’t be so distracted during your hardcore Spring Ninja sessions.

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