‘Attack the Light – Steven Universe Light RPG’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Attack the Light RPG

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Attack the Light – Steven Universe Light RPG.

1. Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Extra Attack Opportunities

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• For anyone who’s ever played any of the Paper Mario games, you’ll have some idea of how Attack the Light – Steven Universe Light RPG works. Once you select a character and their attack, sometimes you’ll get the chance to aim it or add some extra oomph to it. Always keep your eyes peeled for the visual cues (the bright yellow star) that allow you to pull off extra attacks or increase an ability’s effects. Make sure you take every opportunity to deal the maximum amount of damage done per character.

2. The Basics Behind Blocking

Attack the Light

• Just like attacking, you’ll spot that handy bright yellow star when it’s time to defend yourself. Blocking is essential for every battle. You should try as hard you can to always keep your characters from taking the full brunt of an attack. There are some attacks that you can block with just one screen tap, while there are some that you’ll have to block repeatedly by tapping furiously. Best case scenario, though? Just use Pearl’s special ability to disable an enemy to stop them from attacking at all.

3. Star Fruits are Your Best Friend

Attack the Light RPG

• Steven can aid his part in battle through the use of various items. The Star Fruit is one of the better items to use since it gives your party three more Star Points. Having more access to more Star Points means having more chances to use any of your characters special abilities. You’ll usually be gifted with Star Fruits through defeating enemies and finding them in chests. Break these out from time to time to give yourself more chances to land an attack. Super Star Fruits are even better since they give you six extra Star Points. Another great item to use in battle is Fire Salt, which lets you attack enemies with the added element of fire. Of course, you’ll be able to land extra damage to water-based enemies when it’s equipped to a character.

4. You May Want to End Your Turns to Save up Star Points

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• Every time you start an offensive turn, you’re gifted with 5 Star Points. When you’re against some weaker enemies, you should have an easier time killing them in just a few turns with Amethyst’s whip attack. It takes up three Star Points and is able to deal damage to multiple enemies. Sometimes, it’s best if you end your turn after her attack to bring over some more points into the next turn. During tougher fights, you’ll want to use attacks that take more than five stars. The max amount of Star Points you can get are nine. One of the more powerful attacks is the 9-star Alexandrite fusion summon. Note that every character has to be at full health to use it, so you may want to use some Star Fruits to make it available once you start your 1st turn. Ending your turn early plays a big part in letting you use stronger attacks as the battle wears on.

5. Garnet’s Shield Breaker Ability is Awesome!

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• Garnet is the strongest member of your party. One of her best abilities is her Shield Breaker, which does exactly what the name says. When it comes to boss fights, you should make sure that you use that ability first if the opportunity calls for it. Garnet’s your biggest muscle, so using her during normal battles first can easily wipe out some enemies quite easily.