‘Fast & Furious: Legacy’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Fast and Furious Legacy

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Fast & Furious: Legacy.

1. There are Three Types of Races You’ll Participate In

Fast & Furious Legacy

Fast & Furious: Legacy will place you behind the wheel of some sweet, exotic automobiles. You’ll be participating in three different race types through various points of the main story campaign. The head-to-head, double lane drag races, intense street races and Takedown missions. Drag races can be conquered by getting your ride off to a great start and changing your shift before your needle hits the red zone. Street races can be won by drafting behind other cars for extra speed and changing lanes when other obstacles get too close. And Takedown missions task you with smashing into a specific ride. Make sure you maintain your speed so you don’t pass that designated car, though.

2. Drafting and Using Your N2O During Street Races are the Way to Go

Fast and Furious Legacy

• Street races require just a bit more needed maneuvers to win them all. Getting the lead you need involves a mix of drafting and revving up your ride with your N2O. Drafting requires you to drive behind any car on the road, which steadily increases your speed as you go along. As for your nitrous oxide, hitting this boost provides you with the extra speed you need. You can refill your N2O by landing big jumps and making close passes near other cars.

3. Always Pull Off a Successful Launch

Fast and Furious Legacy Cheats

• Getting a head start with a successful launch during every race is the way to go. To time it perfectly and nab that perfect boost, always move the needle into the launch zone on display. As soon as the number “1” leaves the scream, hit the launch button ASAP. You’ll always want to pull off a perfect launch because not doing so will place you in a game of catch up during a race.

4. The Basics Behind Street Races With the Police

Fast and Furious Legacy Tips

• From time to time, the po-po will attempt to take you down during a street race. Getting to the finish line and not getting caught by the police is your main goal here. Maintain your speed, draft behind other cars to gain more speed and perform the other actions we spoke about with our advice for street races. Just make sure you’re fully prepared to move police cars out of your way when the moment arises. Some cop cars will get in front of your car by spinning in front of you sideways. All it takes is a simple tap to get out of their war path.

5. The Pecking Order of Upgrades are…

Fast and Furious Legacy Tips

• Your car’s engine, tires, nitrous, gearbox, suspension and chassis. Getting your car’s speed up is your 1st priority, so those stat upgrades we listed should be handled ASAP. Just make sure you do enough extra challenge and ranked races to nab the extra coins and wrenches needed to make those upgrades.