‘Final Fantasy Record Keeper’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

1. Continuously Battle in the Realms With the Appropriate Characters

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Tips

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a nostalgia fueled trip that takes you into the most important events of each Final Fantasy release. Grinding it out in the many familiar realms with your chosen party members is the way to go to earn EXP and upgrade your characters. Keep in mind that if you keep certain party members in tow when you hit up certain realms, they gain double EXP. For instance, take Cloud with you to FF7 themed worlds and Squall in FF8 realms. Make sure you equip those appropriate characters with themed world gear, too. Like, FF10 themed gear for for someone like Tidus.

2. Every Party Should Have a Mage on Deck

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Cheats

• You should always head into battle with a mage on deck at all times. A Black Mage, Blue Mage, Red Mage or White Mage are essential team members for all battles. Having a White Mage seems to be more of a priority due their use of healing abilities, but keep a powerful magic attack wielder in tow as well. Fill out the rest of your party accordingly once you have the right mages already keyed into position.

3. Don’t Tackle Elite Stages Until Your Party is Level 20, 30 or Higher

• Elite Stages provide the biggest challenges for your cast of characters. Once you complete certain portions of the main game, these difficult stages will pop up. It’s best if you avoid tackling them until you have a party full of level 20, 30 or higher members. There’s no need to waste your stamina on these tough stages beforehand with a weak cast of characters. Elite Stages do gift you with some great crafting material and extra EXP, so keep that in mind when you need some of those goodies to make your party even more of a threat.

4. Check Back on All Boss Enemies Through Past Guides on Each Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is pretty much a run through of the most important moments of each main release. In order to make sure you’re fully equipped to handle every boss encounter, it’s best if you check on past guides on each game. The same methods needed to handle those bosses in the main games are the same ones you’ll have to abide by in this mobile game. Before heading into battle, it’s best to read up on each bosses strengths and weaknesses. For instance, the Blue Dragon from FF6 should be targeted with lightning attacks.

5. Enhance Your Weapons and Equipment as Much as Possible

Final Fantasy Record Keeper

• As you acquire more gear throughout the game, you’ll certainly pick up some unwanted weapons and other types of equipment. It’s best to sacrifice those items to make sure your more powerful equipment gets even stronger. Or just go ahead and combine similar 2-star level items to increase their base stats. Any pieces of equipment that come with their own special effects are the types you should hold onto the most, though.

6. Know Your Daily Dungeons!

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Guide

• Daily Dungeons must be conquered if you’re looking to amass extra EXP and acquire more Mythril. Check out the listing below to see which dungeons pop up on each day and what prizes wait within them (note that each dungeon comes in three difficulty levels):

– Monday: Sea of Elements (gifts you with elemental Orbs)
– Tuesday: Weapons Foundry (gifts you with weapon upgrade material)
– Wednesday: Mana Stronghold (gifts you with elemental Orbs and Gil)
– Thursday: Castle of Elements (gifts you with elemental Orbs)
– Friday: Armor Mako Reactor (gifts you with armor upgrade material)
– Saturday: Gil Grasslands (gifts you with Gil)
– Sunday: Glade Wisdom (gifts you with EXP)

7. The Best Ways to Utilize Auto-Battle

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Tips

• Using Auto-Battling comes in handy for those moments when you just want to grind through your enemy encounters. It’s best to use the Auto-Battle system when you replay beaten realms or when you run into a set of enemies you know can be destroyed by your party with nothing but physical attacks. Magic users aren’t good in auto-battle situations since they have low attack strength. It’s best to keep strong party members with high attack power when you use Auto-Battle. It’s best to take control of your party members once again though when you reach the boss of any realm.

8. Know Your Elemental Strengths and Weaknesses

Final Fantasy Record Keeper Tips

• Every enemy you come across in the game has a certain elemental affinity. Make sure you utilize the right abilities against each enemy to deal extra damage. Vanquishing robotic enemies probably means you’ll have to use lightning attacks, while dealing with fire-based enemies means you can put them down faster with water/ice attacks. Some of the other elements in the game have completely different names, but they generally fit into one attribute. Test out which spells work out against those enemy types. You’ll figure out all those other attributes and their weaknesses eventually.

9. Spend Your Mythril Accordingly as You Proceed Through the Game

TouchArcade.com gave players the perfect advice when it comes to spending their precious Mythril:

In the early part of the game, you’ll want to spend your Mythril on pulling rare relics. Once you have enough good gear to outfit a full party, you’ll then want to split your Mythril between relic pulls and expanding your inventory so that you can keep more gear on-hand. I wouldn’t waste it on stamina refills unless you really need it to finish off an event in time, and I would never recommend using it to continue. Nothing you earn as a random drop in this game is worth doing that. You might, however, want to use it to camp during a set of battles if you think it will make the difference between success and failure.

10. Invest in Lightning Magic Since Most of the Game’s Enemies are Weak Against It

Hokage.org wanted players to know that they should develop their lightning magic more than anything and make sure a certain magic wielder gets built up, too:

Invest in lightning damage. At least a third of all mobs and most bosses seem to be vulnerable to lightning damage. It’s also needed for the current event. If Rydia isn’t leveled and a part of your normal party, it is definitely worth spending time and growth eggs to bring her up to par as she is by far the most powerful black magician in the English game at this point. Two of the bosses (floors 60 and 65) are immune to melee attacks and weak to lightning.