10 Funny Gaming T-Shirts Retro Gamers Will Love (2018)

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Nothing says delightfully nerdy like a funny video game T-shirt. If you are absolutely in love with gaming, chances are that there are tees based on your favorite video game. Thanks to the internet, there are quite a number of great T-shirt designs revolving around the wonderful world of games for you to buy. Pre-made designs are great for people like me that aren’t good at creating custom shirts; the tough part is already done for you. Whether you own an Xbox One, PS4 or Wii U, we can all agree that video games are great, and we all shouldn’t be ashamed to show our love for America’s favorite pastime (sorry, baseball).

I’ve traveled through the deep depths of the internet to find cool video game T-shirts. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 best funny gaming T-shirts for sale:

1. ‘It’s Dangerous to Go Alone. Take This’ Zelda Shirt

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Crazy Dog, the company behind this shirt, has a lot of great tees just like this one, but this one is a stand-out to me since I’m such a big fan of The Legend of Zelda. This is probably the most memorable line out of any Nintendo game to date. The tee has a classic fit feel, so order a larger shirt than you would normally. Take this 8-Bit sword and go save Hyrule.

Buy this Zelda T-shirt here.

2. ‘Video Games Took Over My Life’ Shirt

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One of Twisted Envy’s video game shirts is a nod to Zelda as well, as it uses the health hearts of the classic Nintendo game. “Video games took over my life. Good thing I have two left,” it reads. Two out of the three hearts are still filled though, so you might be able to make it on to the next level. It comes in black or white.

Buy The ‘Video Games Took Over My Life’ Shirt here.

3. Noob Video Game Infant Baby One Piece

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I know this isn’t a T-shirt necessarily, but it was too good to pass up. If you’re a parent who games, you might want to consider picking up this “nOOb” one piece for your child, because it’s so many levels of awesome. It works on two levels. It plays on the fact that the baby is a noob to the world, and also to the fact that a lot of the stuff your child is going to do is going to make you say, “pfft…noob.”

Buy a Noob Video Game Baby One Piece here.

4. ‘Video Games Don’t Make Us Violent. Lag Does’

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These cool video game tees by Something Geeky are a play on the fact that many people blame violence on video games and most gamers defend their claim. Lag is brutal, and nothing is more frustrating in a game. This shirt comes in a plethora of colors, including antique cherry red, orange, dark chocolate and royal blue.

Buy This Video Game T-Shirt here.

5. 8-Bit Zelda Link T-Shirt

8-bit zelda

Another ode to Zelda, and I’m definitely okay with owning more than one Zelda shirt. This tee has an 8-Bit graphic of Link plastered right on the front of it. It screams, “hey, I’m a retro gamer.” Even if you’re not a big gamer, the shirt still looks pretty cool with a pair of jeans. 8-Bit Link ftw.

Buy the 8-Bit Zelda Sprite Shirt here.

6. Men’s Arcade Evolution Video Game T-Shirt

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We’ve seen a lot of variations of these funny evolution T-Shirts floating around, including a zombie one, a Doctor Who one, and a lion one, so this isn’t exactly the most original t-shirt design. Still, it’s pretty great, especially if you actually play arcade games.

Buy the Arcade Evolution T-Shirt here.

7. ‘It’s On Like’ Donkey Kong Shirt

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“It’s on like Donkey Kong” used to be a pretty big phrase back in the day. Shirtmandude, who also made the evolution shirt above, has crafted another cool shirt with this one, which simply says “it’s on like” and has a picture of the original Donkey KongIt’s professionally hand screenprinted and high quality for less than $15.

Buy the ‘It’s On Like’ Donkey Kong Shirt

8. Essential NPC Shirt

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Nothing is worse than accidentally killing an important NPC that you need to complete a quest in an RPG. Never let anyone make that same mistake by marking yourself as an essential NPC in which the completion of a main quest depends solely on your survival.

Buy the Essential NPC T-Shirt here.

9. Contra Cheat Code T-Shirt

contra code

Remember those old school cheat codes you used to look up on gamesages.com (when that was still a site)? Well, one of the most memorable ones was for Contra, it gave you 30 lives if you entered it at the title menu. This shirt is an ode to that cheat code, and others like it.

Buy the Contra Cheat Code Shirt here.

10. You Have Died of Dysentery T-Shirt

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Nothing beat playing Oregon Trail in computer class when you were in grade school, am I right? But when you kept dying from dysentery, it basically ruined the rest of your day. So, why not remind people of that by simply wearing a t-shirt design based on the classic PC game?

Buy the Oregon Trail T-Shirt here.

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