‘Mr Jump’: Top 5 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Mr Jump

Here are the top 5 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Mr Jump.

1. You Should Properly Utilize Your Short and Long Jumps for the Appropriate Platforms

Mr Jump Tips

Mr Jump is the type of platformer that harkens back to the golden era of Atari games within the genre (Pitfall immediately comes to mind). Your blocky avatar has the ability to make short, quick hops and long-winded leaps. Your short jumps will come into play when you encounter short gaps, platforms that fall lower than other ones and spikes tat pop up from time to time. As for your longer leaps, you’ll need to take those massive jumps when you spot platforms that are farther away and platforms that rest at high elevations. You’ll want to make sure you have a very clear view of when it’s time to make those small/big jumps, so it’s best for you to make your taps in the lower portion of your device.

2. Take As Many Chances As Possible to Clear a Stage

Mr Jump Cheats

• As you’ve probably noticed, each level has a percentage limit that you need to reach in order to go on to the next stage. Take as many turns as possible to finally make it to the finish line of each stage. The layout for each stage stays the same every time you die, so key memorization should be your goal during your 1st playthrough.

3. The True Factor That Determines Your High Score

Mr Jump Tips

WriterParty.com happened to figure out how the highest scores are counted for Mr Jump’s benchmark:

Instead, your high scores are based on your percentage count for each stage added together. That’s why if you go to Game Center, all of the highest scores are 1,200 – because there are 12 stages, times 100 percent for each stage, so this is your benchmark. Ignore the handful of scores up top that are in the billions and millions, because there are merely hacked score and are eventually going to get deleted from Game Center.

4. Set Your Phone in Airplane Mode

Mr Jump Tips

• Dying and staring at an annoying advertisement for another game every time is…well, annoying. You won’t have to deal with staring at these ad’s after every fail if you just set your device in Airplane Mode. That way, you won’t have to worry about those ad’s and you can hope much faster into your next stage run through. If the ad’s don’t bother you too much, then fell free to keep your device connected to Wi-Fi.

5. You’re Much Better Off Playing This Game on a Tablet

Mr Jump Tips

• You ever notice how you’re struggling to hit that level jump goal cause you’re playing on your smartphone? That smaller screen means the difference between nabbing those higher jump scores on each level easily and only hitting two or three hops before dying. Having a much wider landscape view to aid you with this game means you’ll have more to see. Getting the chance to see more of the obstacles ahead with your larger field of view is one of the best tips we could ever give you.