Top 5 Best Deals on ‘Skylanders Trap Team’ Figures

Skylanders has become a worldwide toy & video game toy mash-up phenomenon. Skylanders games are the perfect introduction to video games for kids that are at that age at which they need something to keep themselves busy. And, with the release of Skylanders: Trap Team on the Wii U, Xbox One and PS4 back in October 2014, we’ve been able to build up quite a nice collection of new Skylanders over the past six months. Trap Team added some great new Skylanders characters to the world, and if you’re like me, the way the figurines look greatly determines which ones you buy.

So if you’re in the market for some new Skylanders: Trap Team characters, here are the top 5 best deals on new Skylanders Trap Team figures:

1. ‘Skylanders: Trap Team’ Kaos Trap Pack

The coolest looking Skylanders figure is Kaos Trap, which is unfortunately the rarest to find in the stores — there seemed to be an in-stock problem at many retailers which is why he is more expensive than the rest. It also doesn’t help the price that he’s THE most sought after Skylanders figure. He’s a cool shiny, little dark gray character. In fact, he looks like the Darth Vader of the Skylanders world, and he’s finally playable!

Price: $16.49 (when you buy from the Space Outlet), $20.70 from Activision

Buy the ‘Skylanders Trap Team’ Kaos Trap Pack here.

2. ‘Skylanders: Trap Team’ Sunscraper Spire Light Element Expansion Pack

Skylanders: Trap Team characters and locations are certainly cool looking, and the Sunscraper Spire Light Element Expansion Pack is no exception. Knight Light looks like one badass angel of light. Unfortunately, he’s also pretty rare, so he’s a little more expensive than the others. But, he’s worth it. You also get the Light Trap and the Location Piece (Sunscraper Spire) with a new storyline. You can see more of the Knight Light character in action in the gameplay video above.

Price: $29.96

Buy the ‘Skylanders Trap Team’ Sunscraper Spire Light Element Pack here.

3. ‘Skylanders: Trap Team’ Midnight Museum Dark Element Expansion Pack

skylanders knight mare

And, of course, there’s also a Dark Element expansion pack which includes Dark Trap master (Knight Mare), Dark Trap and a Location Piece (Midnight Museum) with a new storyline. He looks like a dark centaur, and has great-looking character design. I’d say he looks like a mix between an alien, a centaur and an elf. Yup. Nailed it.

Price: $35.89 (when you buy from Fanboy Studio), $41.98 (from Activision)

Buy the ‘Skylanders Trap Team’ Midnight Museum Dark Element Expansion Pack here.

4. Air, Undead, Fire SEPARATELY Instead of Skylanders Triple Trap Pack

skylanders trap team figures

When you look at Skylanders: Trap Team bundles, something strange happens: they don’t make sense price-wise. For example, if you were to buy the Air, Undead and Fire Triple Trap Pack it would cost you $25.15, but when you buy them each individually for roughly $5.99 each, you’re only going to pay $17.73 (which defeats the purpose of buying it in a bundle). So, you know, you’re welcome for that hot tip.

Price: $17.73

Buy Air, Undead, Fire Separately

5. Hog Wild Fryno, Tidal Wave Gill Grunt or Shroomboom

skylanders trap team figures

Looking for the cheap Skylanders: Trap Team characters can be rewarding, especially if you’re buying for a younger kid that doesn’t care much about what the character looks like (he/she just cares that they were given a new character for their game). Still, there are some great cheap Skylanders: Trap Team figures you can buy, such as Hog Wild Fryno or Tidal Wave Gill Grunt for $5.99 (40% off MSRP) or Sure Shot Shroomboom for $4.99 (50% off MSRP).

Buy Hog Wild Fryno, Shroomboom and Tidal Wave Gill Grunt here.