E3 2015: ‘Doom’ Teased By Bethesda

E3 2015 is almost here, and we’re starting to get our first official teaser trailers from publishers. Today, Bethesda, whom is having their first-ever E3 press conference this year, has released a Doom teaser trailer, giving us out first look at the highly anticipated game.

While the Doom teaser trailer is just a taste of the game, Bethesda will unveil it fully at E3 2015 next month during their press conference. The only thing we really see in the trailer is a crazy skeleton-looking enemy with rocket launchers mounted on its shoulders.  I’ll also note that the trailer doesn’t say anything about Doom 4, but just a logo showing Doom. Presumably, that means the game won’t be actually called Doom 4, although it will be the fourth game in the franchise.

We can’t see much else from the trailer, really. The first image we actually see is someone loading a shotgun with shells. And since the trailer is so brief — just 11 seconds — there isn’t much else there. However, 11 seconds of the next Doom is 11 seconds well spent, am I right?

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