‘Jurassic World: The Game’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Jurassic World The Game

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Jurassic World: The Game.

1. Build Up Charge Points at the Start of a Battle

Jurassic World The Game Tips

• It may seem like the better move to use your action point to land an attack or go on the defense at first. In our opinion though, we think you should use your 1st action to build up your Charge Points. And if you have a point left over from your Charge action, you should put it towards your Defense point. By the time you get to that 2nd turn, you’ll have enough to land a super strong attack. If you’re feeling really courageous, perform the Charge/Defense battle point building tip for two turns and land your one-hit kill attack on the 3rd turn.

2. If Things Get Too Hectic During Battle, Switch Out Your Current Dinosaur

• If things start to get too dicey during battle, it may be in your best bet to switch out your current dinosaur for a fresher one. Sure, it may cost you a Battle Point. But you may give yourself a fighting chance if you do and maximize the damage if your dinosaur type is stronger than the one currently giving your problems. Just tap on another dinosaur’s picture to send ’em into battle.

3. It May Be a Smart Move to Keep a Sacrificial Lamb on Your Team

• One viable move for some is keeping one dinosaur in your battle group that’s simply there to build up Battle Points. Make sure you send ’em out first and just have them build up Charge Points all the while. If they can take multiple hits, then you’ll have more Charge Points to go around for your next battle entrant once they enter the fray. A weaker dinosaur should be sent out first to give your other party members more opportunities to land stronger attacks. Once that dinosaur falls in battle, the rest of your battle should be a breeze.

4. Log in Every Day to Unlock Your Free Mystery Pack

Jurassic World The Game Cheats

• Playing Jurassic World: The Game on a daily basis is a very viable move for dedicated players. Why? Simply because you are gifted with a free mystery pack. These freebies unlock every five hours and you’ll be granted all sorts of awesome items – food, Dino Bucks, DNA, special missions and more.

5. Complete the Building Missions ASAP

Jurassic World The Game

• Constructing all types of new buildings and creating more park space for yourself is a key move you’ll need to do near the starting portions of the game. There are missions that will ask you to put up certain buildings, so spend your currency to put them up and complete those missions. Those finished buildings will increase your coin production, so its worth putting them up.

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