Special Edition Covert Forces Xbox One Wireless Controller Announced

Covert Edition Xbox One Wireless Controller

*Update 6/9: Microsoft has officially announced the new Special Edition Covert Forces Wireless Controller, which you can pre-order here for $65.

Original Story:

It looks as though Microsoft could be planning to announce an updated Xbox One controller at E3 2015.

In a document uploaded to the official Microsoft support site and first spotted by Eurogamer, Microsoft details a new addition to the Xbox One controller: a 3.5mm headphone jack. This would make the Xbox One controller more compatible with various gaming headsets that otherwise currently require the use of a separate dongle.

The listing on the support site has since been removed, but a cached version of the page still exists, and the image can be found here. We can only assume that Microsoft is going to announce the new controller at E3 2015. Hopefully, they’ll have some sort of trade-in program, because I’m not about to spend another $50 on a new Xbox One controller.

Microsoft has said in recent weeks that their E3 event is going to focus on upcoming Xbox One games, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they slipped in this little announcement.

We will be covering the Microsoft press conference (and the other 7 events) live from E3 2015, so stay tuned to Heavy’s Games section for all of the latest E3 news and analysis.

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