Batman: Arkham Knight on PC – Controversy & Failing Port Pulled From Steam Store


Warner Bros Games has released Batman: Arkham Knight on PC and consoles for every cape-wearing gaming crusader worldwide. Unfortunatley, Batman clearly is not the hero PC gamers deserve. After a whopping 7,947 negative reviews on the Steam Store (the platform where PC gamers buy their games the most), Warner Bros Games. pulled Batman: Arkham Knight from sale.

It’s usually not common for us to pull games from the Steam platform store, but with Batman: Arkham Knight and its unprecedented amount of negative reviews and refund requests…we had to. It’s certainly rare for a title of this scope to be pulled.

Ironically Warner Bros Games stated in their release that they know that while a “significant amount of PC users” are enjoying the game, they are working on an update for the minority apparently (something which I find personally laughable).

What makes matters worse is that the NVIDIA promotional video that shows the game running at apparently 60 frames per second was actually sped up footage meant to make the game smoother. Whether intentional…or completely by mistake, we cannot comment. But the evidence is definitely quite indicative of foul play by someone at either Warner Bros or Iron Galaxy Studios (the external 12-man team assigned to the PC project)

Not sure if this has been posted in this thread yet, but the Nvidia GameWorks promo video of the game running at 60fps is actually just a sped up video.

The following link should take you to the video at 24 seconds:

Listen very closely. The voices of the thugs he is fighting can be faintly heard, and they sound like chipmunks because its sped up.

Credit for discovery goes to YouTube user “PoweredByFlow” who pointed this out in the comments of the video.