‘Godzilla’ (The Game): The Screenshots You Need to See

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Godzilla has been ripping and roaring since 1954. The "King of Monsters" has appeared on the big screen within plenty of monster flicks. His mega lizard status has granted him the chance to appear in comic books, novels, TV series and video games. Speaking of video games, Godzilla's once-Japanese PS3 release is finally arriving in the US and UK. And this time, its coming to the PS4 with upgraded visuals, new monsters and new modes. Check out these screenshots of this action-packed brawler. Your sole objective is to destroy buildings, grow even larger and lay waste to your rival creatures along the way. "Let them fight." Hit up this facts post to learn more about PS4's Godzilla. Make sure you check out our review for this Kaiju filled game right here.