‘Godzilla’ (The Game): 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

GODZILLA The Game – Reveal TrailerCOMPLETE & UTTER DESTRUCTION Godzilla, the King of the Monsters, first appeared in 1954. Scientists studied Godzilla and found that they could harness energy from the monster. Called “G-Energy,” this seemingly endless source of power was used to better the lives of all mankind. 60 years later, just when mankind’s memory of the beast faded,…2014-12-06T04:04:26Z

Godzilla is the world’s most revered giant lizard of all time. He’s smashed all over the big screen, with his most recent flick being the 2014 American reboot. Now that his popularity has reached an all-time high, Namco Bandai is ready to unleash this powerful lizard’s fury upon the PS4.

Fans of the GameCube and PS2-era Godzilla games will certainly get a kick out of this action brawler. If you’ve played Godzilla Generations or the original Japanese release, then you have a good idea of what to expect here. For everyone else not in the know, we’re going to get you in on the hype for this July 14, 2015 (July 17 for Europe) game release.

Here’s every part of the 2015 PS4 launch of Godzilla (The Game) you need to know.

1. The Game Originally Released in 2014 in Japan

Godzilla The Game

In 2014, Godzilla originally launched in Japan for the PS3 on December 18, 2014. During the 2014 edition of Video Game Awards, American gamers got to see a reveal trailer for the release of its PS4 version. All the features present in the PS3 rendition will come with the upgraded PS4 version. The PS4 release will come with a number of exclusives in the form of extra playable monsters and modes.

2. Several Current and New Game Modes Will Be Present

GODZILLA The Game – PS4 Gameplay TrailerGet ready to be the OG! Godzilla The Game will be available on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 Game Systems in Summer 2015! As an special offer, those who pre-order from GameStop will receive an exclusive poster with their copy of the game! Pre-order now:bit.ly/1vAo916 Join us for the most up-to-date information on Godzilla…2015-04-15T23:01:10Z

The collection of game modes playable in Godzilla includes:

Destruction Mode: This mode has a campaign setup that allows you to take control of Godzilla himself. You’ll venture through a number of stages where its your duty to destroy a number of G-Energy Generators. You’ll have to complete this goal while shaking off the gunfire from surrounding G-Force vehicles. Godzilla starts the main campaign at 50-meters high, but his size will increase during your playthrough as he destroys nearby obstacles and absorbs G-Energy. His total height maxes out at 100-meters. Rival creatures will pop up from time to time for massive battles, too. The PS4 version of the game will allow you to take control of any monster during this mode.

King of the Monsters Mode: This mode acts as the game’s version of Arcade Mode. Players will select their chosen creature, proceed through six stages and take on a different monster each time.

Evolution Mode: As you complete certain tasks in Destruction Mode, you’ll help Godzilla gain new abilities that can be tied to him in this mode. He’ll obtain new attacks and even cool new taunts.

Diorama Mode: Diorama Mode allows you to check out the unlocked monster and vehicle models you’ve obtained throughout the game. You can set up the models to create your own dream matches and other custom screenshots.

Monster Field Guide: This mode allows you to read up on the bio’s of each monster within the game. Photos, their appearances during Godzilla’s film history, info on their appearances and others types of integral info can be read here.

Online Multiplayer Mode: This PS4 exclusive mode will let players hop online and participate in one-on-one matches or 3-monster battle royals.

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3. The Roster is Full of Recognizable Monsters Who Have Starred in Godzilla Films

Godzilla PS4

The complete roster for this game includes the most notable monsters present throughout the Godzilla film series. Different versions of certain creatures will be playable, plus a few new monsters will pop up in the PS4 version:

– Godzilla: 1964 (PS4 Exclusive), 1989, 1995
– MechaGodzilla: 1974 (PS4 Exclusive), 1975, 1993, 2003
– SpaceGodzilla (PS4 Exclusive)
– Mothra: 1992
– King Ghidorah: 1991
– Mecha-King Ghidorah (PS4 Exclusive)
– Biollante
– Jet Jaguar
– Destoroyah
– Hedorah: 1971
– Gigan: Modified 2004
– Anguirus: 1968 (PS4 Exclusive)
– Rodan: 1956 (PS4 Exclusive)
– Battra: Larva & Imago (PS4 Exclusive)

4. Several Iconic Weapons, Vehicles and Monster Races Will Be Featured

Godzilla 2015

You’ll have to deal with monsters across each stage, of course. But you’ll also have to contend with several other obstacles, such as weapons, vehicles and other creature races. Check out the list below to see what other dangers you’ll have to contend with:

– G-Force
– Maser Cannon
– MBT-92
– DAG-MB96
– Super X
– Super X2
– Super X3
– Garuda (attached to Super MechaGodzilla)
– Gotengo

5. The Pre-Order Bonus Gifts Players With A The Most Recent Rendition of Godzilla

Godzilla The Game PS4

Godzilla PS4

As a special pre-order bonus, you’ll get the chance to wreak havoc as 2014’s American Hollywood Godzilla. Also, you’ll get to enjoy the game in its throwback film glory with black-and-white Hollywood cinema video filters.

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