‘Inside Out Thought Bubbles’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Inside Out Thought Bubbles.

1. Take Your Time!

Inside Out Thought Bubbles

• Above all else, you should approach this game in a patient manner. This puzzle matching game will require you to take it slow as you keep a close eye out for the best bubble matches. You have all the time in the world to set up your shots, so take your time folks.

2. You’ll Get to Take Control of Extra Emotions From The Film

Inside Out Thought Bubbles

• At first, the only playable character you’ll control is Joy. During your playthrough of each hub world, you’ll eventually unlock Sadness and Anger. Those extra characters are gifted with cool special abilities that correspond with their emotional color – blue for Sadness and red for Anger. You’ll be able to switch characters after you unlock them and choose them before any stage.

3. Pay Attention to The Number of Bubbles Left to Clear Out and Bubbles You Have Left to Shoot

Inside Out Thought Bubbles

• You don’t have an unlimited batch of bubbles at your disposal. You do have unlimited time, yes. But make sure you pay attention to how many bubbles you’re allowed to shoot. You should also keep tabs on how many bubbles on a level are left before you beat it.

4. The Basics Towards Beating Target Obstacle Stages

• Over time, you’ll encounter stages that ask you to shoot within the center of special targets in order to make them disappear. Since you only have a limited quantity of bubbles in your possession, you should really be careful with your usage of them. Use only two or more bubble shots to clear out any space near a target. No matter how easy or hard it may seem to nail that center target shot, go for broke! Pull off a trick shot if you must. Your objection during these levels is to wipe away a set amount of target shots.

5. Handle Those Ice Clusters With Joy’s Special Ability

• You’ll eventually run into levels that contain frozen clusters with bubbles surrounding them. In order to progress, you have to use the same color type to clear them away. Joy’s special ability comes in handy the most during these stage scenarios. By shooting her special bubble at ice clusters, you’ll be able to clear out any matching colors of that frozen group much faster.

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