‘Angry Birds 2’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

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Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Angry Birds 2.

1. Get to Know Your Birds – Part 1

Angry Birds 2

• With a new Angry Bird comes the expected array of returning birds and new ones. Good ol’ Red makes a return with a new special ability (these can be activated by tapping the screen while any bird’s in flight). Red sends off a quick gust of wind that knocks anything in its way over. Blues is capable of easily knocking over ice blocks, plus its special ability splits it up into three smaller birds instead of one. Chuck comes in handy for cutting right through wooden structures and its special ability allows it to speed up into a bullet-like shot. Matilda is able to lay eggs while she’s airborne, which provides her with enough force and momentum to make her go higher and hit her targets easier.

2. Get to Know Your Birds – Part 2

Angry Birds 2

• Silver’s a beautiful birdie who can pull off a cool move. Tap on the screen while she’s in the air to make her pull off a cool twirl, which causes her to finish off with a nosedive. That nosedive should be activated when she’s pretty much on top of a structure of pigs that may be harder for other birds to nail. Bomb’s special power is self-explanatory – he can explode at any time when you tap on him while in flight mode. Letting Bomb just land on a structure causes an explosion, too. And lastly, Terrance is the biggest bird of all. He may not have a special ability, but his massive body is more than enough to help you knock down some pigs.

3. Get to Know Your Spells – Part 1

Angry Birds 2 Tips

• One of the cooler new features within Angry Birds 2 are the use of spells. You’ll unlock them once you get to stages 11, 12, 20, 31 and 61. Spells have a limited usage amount, so you should only use them when you’re truly stumped by a level you’ve been forced to replay. The Golden Duck spell makes a huge amount of…well, golden ducks fall from the sky right on top of a level’s pigs and buildings. The Frost spell turns all blocks into ice, which is pretty handy for good ol’ Blues. Using Hot Chili turns a random pig on a level into a time bomb that can be launched just like a birdie.

4. Get to Know Your Spells – Part 2

• Now we’re gonna chat about the last two spells you unlock – the Pig Inflator and Mighty Eagle. The Pig Inflator turns every pig on a stage into an inflating ballon. Those pigs instantly explode once they take to the air and burst. As for what the Might Eagle does, it allows you to toss out a can of sardines. These sardines are used to signal the Mighty Eagle, who does its job by soaring in and clearing anything in its wake.

5. Take Note of Environmental Hazards and Boss Fights

Angry Birds 2

Angry Birds 2 changes up the game’s usual format in several other ways. Stages feature more than one destructible puzzle to solve, plus you’ll have to become familiar with environmental hazards that can be used to your advantage. For instance, flowers can suck up both birds and pigs and spit them out with a good amount of force. This comes in handy for prolonging the destruction at hand by shooting birds/pigs all over the place to knock down something else. Boss fights now exist, too. Do your best to get structures to land right on top of them or force them right off the stage itself for an instant kill.

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