‘Blades of Brim’: Top Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Blades of Brim.

• Upgrade all of your gear to increase your score multiplier.

• Upgrade all of your pets to increase your score multiplier.

• Summon your pet or try to knock the goons over the edge if you’re in a high level portal compare to your weapon.

• If you need to kill Wizards, Looter or Crushers you should try to dodge the portals and play in the main world as much as possible. The same goes for power ups.

• Summon your pet to maintain your combo.

Blades of Brim

• Summon your pet at the end of a portal if you got a high combo and then try to maintain that combo for as long as possible by summoning more pets and defeating goons.

• Wall run to maintain your combo.

• If you have a mission that requires a power up to complete, equip armor that extend the duration of that power up.

• Combine armor pieces from various armor sets to customize your own perfect setup.

• If your pet is summoned and you get defeated the pet will revive you one time but you loose the rest of the pet duration.

• Activate boots to get the maximum out of your runs.

• Pay attention to your mission so you can complete multiple missions in the same run.

• Pay attention to you lost loot when you get defeated! Sometimes you will loose more essence than spending on reviving.

• The 5th rune has a magical glow and if you pick it up it will take you to the bonus world.

The Basics To Using Blue Orbs

Gamezebo.com let players know the basics behind the blue orbs you can collect as you make your way through the game eventually die:

There are blue, glowing orbs that you can collect and use to buy an extra life during a run. For each extra life you buy, the amount of orbs it costs to revive you is increased. But the first revive is always 1 orb. When you die, before you give up, always look at how close you are to the next checkpoint. If you have a substantial amount of gold or a treasure chest or two, it’s probably worth it to use one orb to continue on to secure your loot. Sometimes you’ll even come across orbs in your runs. Whenever I found two orbs in one run, I’d always use the first revive, even if I didn’t particularly need it. After all — I’d still have increased my overall orb count by 1.

Try to Navigate Your Way to Higher Locations By Using Your Pets and Attack Airborne Enemies

TouchTapPlay.com let players know what it takes to get to much higher locations for better loot:

When you are riding some pets, getting to hard to reach areas that are filled with good loot is a lot easier. But even without riding your pet and double jumping, you can still sometimes reach those hard to get to areas by using the wall run option, taking advantage of the flying monsters that push you higher up and continuing with the walls. It requires a lot of play time and experience to learn to do it right – as well as know when you can do it and when you can’t get up there, but once you learn to do this, your rewards will be much better.




The goog.gl link is FAKE! I tried it and it did not work scam.(there are a lot of fake sites guys…)

I actually found a WORKING cheat.

You just have to go to this website and follow the instructions to cheat the game:


Georgina S.

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